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NDS Helpdesk Top 5: August 2019

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The NDS Helpdesk team has been flat out answering questions about the policy and pricing changes introduced with the new NDIS Price Guide 2019/2020.

Please keep in mind when accessing the Helpdesk Knowledge Hub articles that the release of the new Price Guide means that many of our previously-produced articles are now outdated. We are in the process of reviewing all articles and thank you for your patience while we complete this lengthy task. In the meantime, NDS members can continue to ask the Helpdesk specific questions and will receive a response within three business days.

We have answered a number of questions in relation to the Temporary Transformation Payment (TTP). The TTP is a conditional loading which will assist eligible providers of attendant care and community participation supports to continue to transform their business in the move towards a competitive marketplace. It replaces the Temporary Support for Overheads loading (TSO).

The top 5 questions for August 2019 are all related to TTP. They are:

Question 1:

What are the conditions for claiming the TTP?

Answer 1: 

The Price Guide (p.12) provides guidance as to the terms and conditions that providers will need to agree to if they wish to claim the TTP. 

These include:

  • Publishing your service prices
  • Listing your business contact details in the Provider Finder tool on the myplace Portal, and ensuring those details are kept up-to-date
  • Participating annually in an Agency-approved market benchmarking survey

TTP Providers will have until 31 December 2019 to meet these requirements, and to stipulate in their contractual arrangements with their participants that they are entitled to use the TTP support items (and price limits) because they are compliant with the TTP terms.

Question 2: 

Do we have to publish our exact prices or can we just refer participants to the NDIS Support Catalogue?

Answer 2:

The NDIS Support Catalogue 2019/2020 sets the maximum price limit for NDIS supports. In relation to the TTP, the Support Catalogue has two cost points for the same line item; cost with the TTP loading and cost without the TTP loading. A provider can also choose to claim less than the maximum price stipulated. With this in mind, it would be unclear as to the actual cost a provider has chosen to charge if only listing prices 'as per the NDIS Support Catalogue'.

We expect that the NDIA will provide further information about their expectations on this over coming months. However, a general statement that you charge the maximum prices as published by the NDIS is unlikely to suffice. The price guide is comprehensive, you might not supply all services and you need to be transparent about what you charge.

Question 3:

Will participant plans be indexed?

Answer 3:

Yes, the NDIA has confirmed that participant’s existing plans have been indexed to accommodate the additional loading and participants will not be disadvantaged. Participants can view their plan budgets in the participant myplace portal. 

Question 4:

Do Service Bookings need to be amended?

Answer 4:

The NDIA recommends that Service Bookings are created at the Support Category level rather than the line item level. If your organisation has created Service Bookings with participants at the individual line item level, each booking will need to be amended in order to claim the higher price.

If your service bookings have been made at the Support Category level, Service Bookings will not need to be amended immediately. The provider may need to increase the dollar value at a later stage to utilise the funding which has been included in the participant’s plan due to the TTP loading.

Question 5:

Do we need to update our Service Agreement?

Answer 5:

All changes must be discussed, negotiated and agreed with the participant, and detailed in an update to their individual Service Agreement. 

We hope you found this month's top 5 insightful. We encourage NDS members to make the most of having unlimited access to the NDS Helpdesk. Ask the Helpdesk questions you may have about the NDIS, quality and safeguards or disability employment.

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