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Since 2002 Combo has offered helpdesk and project services to implement IT systems to allow organisations to focus on their core purpose. We can support your IT department by filling gaps or become your IT department. With local staff to support your organisation nationally.

We can deliver projects in weeks that often take internal IT departments moths to get started as we have great experience on our team.

We offer and support servers or cloud solutions for organisations of 30 to 500 staff. We will work with your telcos and software providers to build a stable and secure IT environment ensuring you can meet ASD requirements and the needs of your industry.

We have worked in the NFP sector since 2002 and understand your requirements well. In 2018 we won the CRN Impact award for Infrastructure Modernisation for our work to refresh the technology for Workways, based in Bairnsdale with offices up the east coast of Australia to Far North Queensland. We are proud of the work we have done to enable them to provide better services to their community.

We are a family business that has grown to over 40 people off a base of solid values. Our founder David Markus is as keen as ever to come out and meet with you to discuss how the team at Combo can be of service to your organisation.




Contact Information

David Markus, Founder, 0386097033,



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