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Right on Board - Governing and Managing for Human Rights, Quality and Safeguarding In-house Workshop

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Location: At your organisation/Zoom
Date: 26/04/2020 to 31/12/2022
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Purpose at Work, in partnership with NDS, offers the Right on Board Workshop.

Right on Board answers the need as highlighted by the Disability Royal Commission for greater awareness of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, as well as strengthened governance and management of quality and safeguarding.

Right on Board is a quality, tailored program to reflect your organisation’s unique challenges. For disability organisations that provide other services as well, our consultants incorporate relevant material from the Aged Care Quality Standards, the National Standards for Mental Health Services or the Child Safe Standards.

Boards and Executive Teams will gain a deeper understanding of:

  • the human rights approach and the legislative context, including key provisions of the UN Convention that affect service design and delivery;
  • the key concepts around quality and safeguarding impacting the entire sector, as well as the key challenges for your own organisation;
  • the adequacy of your current governance and management arrangements for human rights, quality and safeguarding;
  • the potential areas for strengthening your risk management practice;
  • the composition and structure of your Board regarding quality and safeguarding.

As a result of participating in this program, your organisation will have a better understanding of the quality standards that people using disability services should expect and be better prepared for responding to the Royal Commission.

NDS Members will receive a 10% discount.


Dr Alan Hough and Gilbert Kruidenier of Purpose at Work specialise in governing and managing for human rights, quality and safeguarding. Alan combines expertise in governance with extensive knowledge of the real-world challenges of achieving quality and safeguarding in disability supports. He is a regular presenter at NDS conferences and events. Gilbert also presents at NDS events and was the author of the NDS ‘Fundamentals for Boards’ interactive resource.


Multicap Tasmania

As the CEO of a growing disability provider I was satisfied that we had good governance practices in place for our financial risks, but felt our governance of non-financial risks, particularly our service delivery, was much less mature. That’s when I saw some information about the Right on Board program and reached out to Purpose at Work for some more information. Purpose at Work was able to build a tailor-made program that included 1:1 interviews, observing meetings in action, a full-day workshop, and further engagements with recommendations for future action by the board. The complete program has been incredibly well received by the board, has lifted not only their knowledge of their duties in the area of service oversight but has also generated a thirst for more knowledge and engagement in these critical aspects of our operations. – Nigel Hill, CEO, Multicap Tasmania


Alan’s extensive experience in both the theory and the practice of governance and safeguarding, makes this course practical and interactive. The course is a sobering reminder to all staff and directors working in the sector of the importance of leading high quality, human rights-based organisation. - Leanne Fretten, CEO, Sylvanvale

Flourish Australia

The presentation on Right on Board was tailored to our unique circumstances. The presenter had spent a considerable amount of time familiarising himself with our organisation, the context, and how we work. That meant that the discussion on human rights, quality and safeguarding was directly relevant to Flourish Australia as a provider of supports to people with psychosocial disability. The content was informative, interesting and humbling. All involved learnt a lot and found the program and materials very stimulating and engaging and enjoyed the workshops involved. - Professor Elizabeth More, AM, Chair, Flourish Australia

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Alicia Perry, Learning Coordinator, National Learn and Develop Team, 03 8341 4307, submit enquiry/feedback