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Mental Health Recognition and Response for Support Workers

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Location: National
Date: 31/12/2099

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This workshop is in partnership with and facilitated by Linda Rowley.

This six-hour workshop, in partnership with NDS and facilitated by Linda Rowley, will help disability support workers to identify and manage psycho-social risks that are often complex.

Across Australia, WHS/OHS authorities are giving increased attention to psychosocial/psychological risks in the workplace. Mental Health response and Recognition will assist support staff to identify the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions and how to respond in a crisis situation.The training covers the following key areas:

  • The NDIS Context including definitions of psychosocial disability and mental health conditions
  • Prevalence of mental health conditions (general population and people with disabilities)
  • Impact of common mental health conditions on day-to-day functioning
  • Recognise, Respond and Report framework
  • Signs and symptoms of common Mental Health Problems: Depression, anxiety, substance use, psychosis, non–suicidal self-injury, suicidal self-injury. Mental health crises covered are: Suicidal thoughts and behaviours, panic attacks, traumatic events
  • How to recognise and effectively respond to each of the mental health problems and what/when to report 

Who should attend?

NDS recommends that Support Workers and their Team Leaders and Managers within disability service organisations are most suited to attend.


  • Member: $2910 plus GST
  • Non-member: $3885 plus GST

This training can be done online, or at your organisation (travel and accommodation are charged at-cost).

Linda Rowley provides tailored training in workplace wellbeing, creating mentally healthy workplaces, team and leadership development including individual profiling and workshop and facilitation skills, to create better functioning workplaces that strengthen individual wellbeing. Linda uses evidence-based techniques and training to achieve optimal wellbeing, performance and productivity in the workplace. 

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Alicia Perry, Partnership Liaison Officer, submit enquiry/feedback, show phone number