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Epilepsy: Minimising the Risk

People in a conference setting
Location: eLearning
Date: 31/12/2099

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Epilepsy, like other long-term health conditions, comes with certain risks. If left unchecked these can become serious. Risks associated with seizures need to be understood and recognised because knowing about the risks means action can be taken to reduce them.

This course looks at possible risks in the home, outdoor and work environments. The interactive activities demonstrate practical ways to reduce risks for someone with epilepsy. There is also a section related to supporting others and managing if a seizure occurs in a public area.

Please note this course does not cover seizure first aid. For seizure first aid see Epilepsy Essentials.This online course has been designed for anyone wanting to learn more about epilepsy and is suitable for carers, teachers, disability workers and family members.

What to expect

This 30-minute course includes:

  1. Risk Management
    1. Why seizures can be risky
    2. Safety – managing risks in different environments
    3. Seizure triggers
    4. Planning
    5. Reducing risk
    6. SUDEP
  2. Managing people and their responses
    1. Planning ahead
    2. When a seizure occurs
    3. Debriefing

Competencies and Outcome:
You will be required to complete a quiz at the end of the course, and then you will receive a certificate of completion.


$50.00. Bulk user discounts can apply, ask on application via etrainu.

Proudly distributed in partnership with Epilepsy Action Australia.

Epilepsy Action Australia

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