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National Disability Awards - Honour Roll

Blue background with white text says National Disablity Awards, and in green text it says 2023. A graphic of a green star and an outline of a person in white are on the right.

The National Disability Awards recognise workers, teams and organisations who show excellence, passion, vision and commitment to supporting people with disability. Find out more on the Awards page.

One finalist will be announced as the winner in each category at the National Disability Awards Ceremony at Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre on 11 December.

Excellence in Allied Health


CliniKids–Telethon Kids Institute: Theresa Pastor, Clinical Services Manager; Aria May, Clinical Lead, Speech Pathology ; Dr Mei'En Lim, Clinical Lead, Psychology ; Marie Rodatz, Clinical Lead, Occupational Therapy; Abby Chee, Clinical Psychologist; Sally Grauaug, Senior Speech Pathologist; Marisa Di Lorenzo, Senior Speech Therapist; Ally Raphael, Occupational Therapist; Gayle Hillen, Senior Occupational Therapist; Tarryn Culverhouse, Occupational Therapist; Emma Corry, Speech Pathologist; Shane Lim, Clinical Psychologist Registrar; Storme-Louise Will, JASPER practitioner.



CommuniCamp: Charlotte Russell-Maynard, Team Leader; Sarah Langtry, Speech Pathologist; Elizabeth Weston, Speech Pathologist; Lisa Ho, AAC mentor; Lauren Berry, Occupational Therapist; Naomi Sellman, Speech Pathologist; Catherine Wilton, Speech Pathologist; Anna Coates, Speech Pathologist; Lauren Imbriano, Speech Pathologist; Macy Austin, Allied Health Assistant; Sherry Wang, Communication Resource Designer; Melissa Barnes, Speech Pathologist; Andrea McQueen, Speech Pathologist and Therapy Manager, Wendy Lee Chia Yi, Finance Business Partner; Kellie Forty, Allied Health Assistant; Kerryn McIver, Philanthropy Officer.

Highly Commended:

Libby Taylor: NDIS Program Manager, Altius Group 

Deaf Connect: Speech Language Pathologists: Shannon Day; Stevie Donnellan; Ashlee Everist; Claire Flanagan; Diane Gibson; Julie Jensen; Mia McLay; Andrea Pollock; Felicity Rasmussen; Veronica Stickley; Emily Taylor; Sally Wells; Nicole Zurillo; Occupational Therapists: Amanda Brain; Fiona Hansen; Imogene Isles; Kj Stockwell; Physiotherapists: Prue Irwin; Jayne Whiting; Psychologist: Lea Ser; Allied Health Assistants: Tatum Brittain; Eloise Crosby.

Randall Rooney: MSWA Clinical Team Lead and Lymphoedema Physiotherapist, MSWA. 


Ability Group Work - Alicia Battestini, Team Leader; Richard Blackshaw, Senior Counsellor; Karen Ferguson, Senior Counsellor and caseworker- First Nations Woman; Stephen Wilson- Alexander, Group facilitator and Shabnam Hinton, Group facilitator

Jodyne Greig

Michelle Evans, Occupational Therapist, ME Occupational Therapy – Everyday Equipment Solutions

Robyn Stephen, Practice Principal, Early Start Australia

Deaf Connect 

  • Speech Language Pathologists: Shannon Day; Stevie Donnellan; Ashlee Everist; Claire Flanagan; Diane Gibson; Julie Jensen; Mia McLay; Andrea Pollock; Felicity Rasmussen; Veronica Stickley; Emily Taylor; Sally Wells; Nicole Zurillo
  • Occupational Therapists: Amanda Brain; Fiona Hansen; Imogene Isles; Kj Stockwell
  • Physiotherapists: Prue Irwin; Jayne Whiting
  • Psychologist: Lea Ser
  • Allied Health Assistants: Tatum Brittain; Eloise Crosby

Occupational Therapists: Amanda Brain; Fiona Hansen; Imogene Isles; Kj Stockwell Physiotherapists: Prue Irwin; Jayne Whiting Psychologist: Lea Ser Allied Health Assistants: Tatum Brittain; Eloise Crosby

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Excellence in Disability Support Work


John Holdcroft: Support Coach, Workpower


Briana Sebeh: Support Worker, Crosslinks 
Eileen O’Farrell: Support Worker, At Home Care

Highly Commended:

APM DES Benalla and Wangaratta, Team BANG: Janelle Dinnie, Business Manager; Ben Hill, Employment Consultant; Emily Best, Employment Consultant; Chelsey Crowhurst, Employment Consultant with special mention to Jennifer Shedden and Rhiannon McNamara.

Deb Cording: Support Worker, Avivo 
Hotel Etico 
Jack Eldred: owner, Awesome Anglers 
Jeremy Skinner: Skills Trainer, Intelife Group 
Keeley’s Cause 
Kimberley Fonderie: Team Leader, Activ Foundation 
Pascoe Avenue Team: Andrea Leadbeater, House Supervisor; Mario Tuyau, Disability Support Worker; Grant Baker, Disability Support Worker; Collise Njume, Disability Support Worker; Kylie Challis, Disability Support Worker; Abeba Baker, Disability Support Worker; Jayanthi Rajendran, Disability Support Worker; Vishnu Rajalal, Disability Support Worker; Olumide Salako, Disability Support Worker; Olusola Oyadeyi, Disability Support Worker.

Team Spinos, Endeavour FoundationCheryl Briant, Support Worker; Erika Boreham, Support Worker; Maria Baddley, Support Worker; Saroj Pradhan, Support Worker; Theresa Williams, Support Worker; Claudia Provenzano, Support Worker; Rajan Dadwal, Support Worker; Georgia Harris, Support Worker; Ploiphatson Webber, Support Worker; Helen Gavera, Support Worker.

Will's World Gardening and Lawnmowing ServicesNathan Allaway; Louise Wicks; Jasmine Hornby; Nadege Anderson; Paul Kelly; Clare Gibellini.


Ability Options - Kempsey Community - Dianne Fuller, Team Leader; Leacia Martin, Support Worker; Ashlee Manton, Support Worker; Kate Clarke, Support Worker; Kim O'Reilly, Support Worker; Damien Rivers, Support Worker; Josh Holdaway, Support Worker; Kurt Richards, Support Worker; Chris Birkett, Support Worker; Kayleen Maguire, Support Worker; Ruth Unicomb, Support Worker; Brad Holdaway, Support Worker; Wayne Mossop, Support Worker; Dylan Alexander, Support Worker; Rebecca Clifford, Support Worker; Olly Zwyer, Support Worker; Karyn Frazier, Support Worker

ACASS Disability - Aged Care Team - Caiden Rowley, Disability Support Worker; Allison Fitzgerald, Disability Support Worker; Rachel Berger, Disability Support Worker; Kristine Cutmore, Disability Support Worker; Tayla Bouvet, Disability Support Worker; Hayden Walker, Disability Support Worker; Krystine Da Cruz, Disability Support Worker; Elva Toi, Disability Support Worker; Tijana Pirro, Disability Support Worker; Anthony Gigliotti, Disability Support Worker

ACASS Disability and Aged Care - Vanessa Vergara Team leader/disability support worker; Caiden Rowley disability support worker; Allison Fitzgerald disability support worker; Tayla Bought disability support worker; Rachel Berger disability support worker; Hayden Walker disability support worker; Anthony Gigliotti disability support worker; Tahlia Gigliotti disability support worker; Tijana Pirro disability support worker; Amber Seguna disability support worker; Kristine McDermott disability support worker; Michelle McDermott disability support worker; Shauna Rodgers disability support worker; Krystine Da Cruz disability support worker; Elva Toi disability support worker; Lucy Comely disability support worker; Amy Rowley Director/Disability support worker


AFL NT Umpires - Alishia Lindsay, Health Ambassador, Down Syndrome Australia / Therapy Aid Assistant, Carpentaria Disability Services

Aimee Allardyce; Kayci Newman


Brooke Hitchens, Support Worker

Bruce Hale, Care Support Worker at MSWA Hamilton Hill Supported Accommodation, MSWA

Caring lotus

Catherine Crowley, Lead Disability Support Worker, The Mai-Wel Group

Chelsea Moyd-Monagle, NDIS Support Coordinator and Psychosocial Recovery Coach, TK Community Care Services

Cindy Jane, Support Worker, SensesWA

Claire Burton, Support Worker, Evolution Launch Support Services

Clinton James, Disability Support Worker, Making Footprints Pty Ltd

CLS Skills Campus Team - Peter Sexton; Greg Purkis; Cheryl Thompson; Kym Slwika; Kim Horton; Jenny Sage

Coastal Community Support Services

Community Living Options Metro North - Jonathon Keir, Service Coordinator; Surina Maharjan, Service Coordinator; Mako Mahuku, Service Coordinator; Sladjana Ostojic, Senior Support Worker; Esther Nganaga, Senior Support Worker; Gurdeep Singh, Senior Support Worker; Victoria Raine, Person-Centred Support Worker; Raghu Dhungana, Person-Centred Support Worker; Pradeep Mary, Person-Centred Support Worker; Tyson Lockyer, Person-Centred Support Worker

Crosslinks - Maureen Ryans Team - Briana Sebeh; Jessemy Miller; Elizabeth Timoti

Cumberland City Council – Seniors and Disability Services (Lifestyle and Leisure Links Program) - Creative Cultural Cooking Program - Belinda Dixon, NDIS Activity Assistant; Olivia Siniska, NDIS Support Worker Casual; Jenny Stariha, NDIS Support Worker Casual; Simo Heikkinen, NDIS Support Worker Casual; Sapana Bhusal, NDIS Support Worker Casual; Kerrie Marks, NDIS Support Worker Casual

DPV Health - Disability Centre Based Services Team - Tony Romano, Disability Instructor; Lisa Sherlock, Disability Instructor; Simone Bleazby, Disability Instructor; James Lutter, Disability Instructor; Charlene Walpole, Disability Instructor; Larissa Sirianni, Disability Instructor; Grace Dong, Disability Instructor; Robyn O'Brien, Disability Instructor; Freda Dinakis, Disability Instructor; Kamaljet Chail, Disability Instructor

Endless Possibilities NT - Antonio Lay, Director; Birodh Pandey, CEO; Tanya Charman, Operational Manager; Popi Starvos, Supervisor; Silpa Pandey, Support Worker; Fotini Gerakios, Support Coordinator

Enriched Care Solutions

Fidler and Ford Team


Jacqueline Johnson, Disability Support Worker, Choice Support Plus

Jonty Beard, AFL Umpire / Accounting Support, NTFL / ARRCS (Australian Regional and Remote Community Services)

Kedar Dastane, Site Manager – Work, Endeavour Foundation

Keira Wallace, Service Leader, United Disability Care

Lisa de-Bont, Support Worker, Endeavour Foundation

Mathieu Burns, Practice Leader, Civic Disability Services

Melanie Cooper, Care Support Worker, MSWA

Mika Francis, Disability Support Worker

National Community Care

Nicholas James Farrington, Senior Support Worker, Aberstone Community Services

Bridgeman Downs Team – Open Minds - Hisashi Auman, Care Leader; Grant Blest, Regional Manager

Personal Care Attendant Team - Glenallen School - Gail Dunne, Team Leader; Tina Dowley, Team Leader


Quad Care Pty Ltd - Dani Creffield, Director; Amanda Webb, Business Development Services Manager; Tayla Brahe, Human Resources Manager; Chelsea Markot, Quality Manager; Alanah Brown, Support Services Administrator; Lynette Hawarth, Payroll and Accounts; Lilly Hay, Project Manager; Chantelle Patrick, Marketing; Melissa Turnbull, Team Leader; Jennifer Webb, Team Leader

Rosemary Hermans, Services Manager – Residential, Community Living and Respite Services

Secret Harbour Team – Uniting WA - Daniel Spicer; James Phelan; Yvette Bosman; Janice Horley; Clayton Gray; Ladu Boyo II; Michael Kinyanjui

Sunshine Family Support

Support Mates

Susan Lewis, Support Worker, Crosslinks

Tassicare services

Taylah Chin, Support Worker, Quality Care in Home Support and Disability Services

The Bridge Inc

The Soul Shack – FNQ Occupational Therapy

Valley Industries - Lisa Place, Supported Independent Living - Teresa Sparrey, Disability Support Worker; Cindy Gavin, Disability Support Worker; Cassie Levett, Team Leader; Chris Marchant, Disability Support Worker; Debbie Kennedy, Disability Support Worker; Julie Duncombe, Disability Support Worker; Mark Wright, Disability Support Worker; Cindy Ferguson, Disability Support Worker; Kylie Turner, Disability Support Worker; Tracey Spooner, Accommodation Coordinator

Vernon Bates, Advocate, Uniting WA

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Excellence in Innovation


Scope's National Communication Access Symbol Initiative


ENVISAGE (Enabling Visions and Growing Expectations): Associate Professor Laura Miller, Chief Investigator ENVISAGE, Service Provider Facilitator Australian Catholic University; Colleen Tompkins, ENVISAGE National Program Manager, Parent Peer Facilitator, Australian Catholic University; Professor Christine Imms, Professor of Neurodevelopment and Disability, Occupational Therapist, Service Provider Facilitator, The University of Melbourne; Rose Babic, Parent-partner, Parent Peer Facilitator ENVISAGE Families, ENVISAGE Service Providers; Vicki Cavalerios, Parent-partner, Parent Peer Facilitator ENVISAGE Families, ENVISAGE Service Providers; Rebecca Tamaariki, Parent-partner, Parent Peer Facilitator, ENVISAGE First Peoples; Jacky Lipson, ENVISAGE National Project Officer, Australian Catholic University; Dr Elise Davis, ENVISAGE National Evaluation Manager, Parent Peer Facilitator, The University of Melbourne; Dr Bridget O‘Connor, ENVISAGE National Training Manager, Service Provider Facilitator, The University of Melbourne; Kerry Britt, ENVISAGE State Project Administrator Victoria and Tasmania, PhD Candidate ENVISAGE -Service Providers, Service Provider Facilitator University of Melbourne.

Nightlife Disability Services 

Highly Commended:

Carpentaria Disability Services 

CliniKids: Aria May, Clinical Lead, Speech Pathology; Dr Mei'En Lim, Clinical Lead, Psychology; Marie Rodatz, Clinical Lead, Occupational Therapy; Abby Chee, Senior Clinical Psychologist; Sally Grauaug, Senior Speech Pathologist; Marisa Di Lorenzo, Senior Speech Therapist; Ally Raphael, Occupational Therapist; Gayle Hillen, Senior Occupational Therapist; Emma Corry, Speech Pathologist; Shane Lim, Clinical Psychologist Registrar

Down Syndrome NSW 

Hotel Etico 

Inclusion Foundation 

The Flagstaff Group


Aberstone Community Services


Bobbin - Specialist Disability Accommodation, Sylvanvale - Leanne Fretten, Chief Executive Officer; Madeleine Gates, Executive Specialist Disability Accommodation and Property; Jeff Dooley, Project Manager; Robert Brown, Project Manager; Thomas Allouche, Vista Build Director; Vic Lake, Vic Lake Architects

Community Living Options Recruitment - Natasha Draut, Recruitment Coordinator; Jaherul Islam, Recruitment Coordinator; Mayra Laverde, Recruitment Coordinator; Linda Dally, Recruitment Coordinator; Ellie Young, Recruitment Administrator

Deaf Connect

Discovery Camps – Camp Manyung

Fast Tracking a Skilled Workforce partnership, Crosslinks Incorporated - Dawn McAleenan, Crosslinks Incorporated, Chief Executive Officer; Terrence Winner, Goldfields Individual and Family Support Association, Chief Executive Officer; Alison Adam, Midwest Community Living Association, Chief Executive Officer

Good Sammy Enterprises

Hedland Community Living Association

Hire Up


Livability Care Australia Pty Ltd

Merri-bek Libraries

MJD Foundation

Multicap Limited


The Bridge Inc

The Soul Shack - FNQ Occupational Therapy

Uniting NSW. ACT

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Excellence in Regional and Remote Support


Advocacy WA Incorporated


Awesome Anglers

Kimberley Downward

Highly Commended:

Hotel Etico 



Disability Advisory Committee for the City of Ballarat - Casey West; Vivian Bradbury; Heidi Biggin; Rebecca Paton; Vincent McDonald; Narelle Mason; Jenene Burke; Robyn Hall; Sharon Eacott; Christine Segaert

Early Start Australia - Northern Territory - Caitlyn Pucci, Practice Principal, Durack; Mercedes Salazar, Practice Principal, Fannie Bay; Sharon Watts, Senior Speech Pathologist and Team leader; Laura Morell, Senior Speech Pathologist & Team Leader Remote; Julia Woods, Speech Pathologist, Remote; Jessica Viant, Speech Pathologist; Sarah Spence, Occupational Therapist, Remote; Imogen Smith, Occupational Therapist, Remote; Kate Campbell-Brogan, IAHA - Remote; Cherie Allen, Keyworker

Far North Community Services Therapy Team - Grace Byass, Senior Physiotherapist, West Kimberley; Sophie Darcy Evans, Senior Physiotherapist, East Kimberley; Samuel Bird, Senior Speech Pathologist, West Kimberley; Lauren Fosbery, Speech Pathologist, West Kimberley; Hayley Beels, OT, West Kimberley; Kayla Devellerez, OT, Derby; Georgia Earnshaw, Speech Pathologist, Broome, Derby and Kununurra; Amber Johnson, OT, East Kimberley; Ali Rose Bolton, Speech Pathologist, East Kimberley; Rana Hunter, Aboriginal Allied Health Assistant

Far North Community Services Staff Group - Ripeka Maru; Janet Arannilewa; Gyem Bidha; Geeta Chand; Kezang Choden; Jasmine Frazer; Narelle Green; Elizabeth Mccallum; Julia Rauli; Nancy Ruto; Angelyn Zulu

Fidler and Ford Team

Hedland Community Living Association

Jack Eldred, Owner, Awesome Anglers

Mindful Living Supports

Peter Harvey

Step Out Community Access - Supported Independent Living Program

Warrnambool Support Team for Jackson – CareChoice

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Excellence in Service Quality


Melba Support Services 


Advocacy WA Incorporated 

Multicap Limited 

Highly Commended:

Leicelle Leher, Team Leader, Activ Foundation 

Mikarie Child Care Centre Sylvanvale: Cathy Quinn, Executive Manager Operations; Tracy Sami, Regional Manager Services; Tom Clark, Director Mikarie Child Care Centre; Brooke Russ, Room Leader; Jacqueline Rothwell, Room Leader; Laura Laing, Room Leader; Hee Oh, Educational Leader and Early Childhood Teacher. Sylvanvale acknowledges the contribution of all its dedicated staff at Mikarie Child Care Centre, in addition to the team members listed above.


Enriched Care Solutions

St Anthony’s Family Care Disability Services (EPIK and Forge)

The Wave – Shared Onsite Support Provider Sylvanvale - Cathy Quinn, Executive Manager Operations; Pierra Paynter, Flexible Services Manager. Sylvanvale acknowledges the contribution of all its dedicated staff at The Wave, in addition to the team members listed above.

Windgap Foundation

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Inclusive Communities Award


Autism in Cricket team: Autism Association of Western Australia: Tasha Alach, Director of Therapy & Clinical Services; Mathew Johnson, Manager; Joshua Brown, Project Officer; Wayne Kavanagh, Project Officer; Nicola Fuller, Project Officer.


Multicap Limited 

Spinal Life Australia 

Highly commended:

Advocacy WA Incorporated

Good Sammy Enterprises

Scope: Sarita Slater, Communication Access Coordinator; Nicola Bell, Communication Access Coordinator; Georgia Burn, Speech Pathologist; Meredith Allan, Communication Access Assessor; Brandon Tomlin, Communication Access Assessor; Jacob Matthew, Communication Access Assessor; John Fox, Communication Access Assessor; Lisa Ho, Communication Access Assessor.


Albury Magpies Hockey Club

Aleysha Parker, Consultant, Therapy Focus

ASTERIA Services Inc

Awesome Anglers

BET Group

Better Boating Victoria

Breakthru (a subsidiary of Royal Rehab)

Carmelisa Biddle, Support Worker, Interchange WA

Celebrating People with Disability Team Valued Lives Foundation - Amy Sandiford, Innovative Employment Advisor (Valued Lives Foundation); Clare Gibellini, Stakeholder and Partnership Lead (Valued Lives Foundation); Jane Forward, CEO (Valued Lives Foundation); Karen Reid, Peer Team Lead (Valued Lives Foundation); Julie Elliot, Marketing Manager JLL (Belmont Forum); Shane McLean, Centre Manager JLL (Belmont Forum); Helen O'Sullivan, Seniors and Disability Engagement Officer (City of Belmont)

Cindy Jane, Support Worker, SensesWA

CycleAbility The Disability Trust

Deaf Connect

Deborah Carter, Trainer and Service Lead, Aruma

Discovery Camp - Camp Manyung - YMCA

Eileen O'Farrell, Support Worker, At Home Care


Frankston and District Basketball Association

genU Connections Team - genU Connections participants: Matthew, Kirsten, Casey, Chris, David L, David S and Katie. genU Connections staff: Lee, Elaine, Kirrily, Eliza, Neisha, Michelle, Nicole, Julie, Yestin and Wanda

Housing ACT, Community Services Directorate

Jack Eldred, Owner, Awesome Anglers

Jeff Neumann, Participation and Programs Manager - Schools, Inclusion & Diversity, Australian Football League - Queensland

Jessica Hooper, Disability Advocate

Katie Kelly OAM, CEO and Founder, Sport Access Foundation

Keeley’s Cause


Lee Henderson, Coordinator, Step Out

Leisure Networks

Libraries as Community Connectors - Plumtree Children's Services - Marie Vlahakis Peer worker; Kylie Aekins Peer worker; Amos Wong Marketing, Social Media Specialist and Peer Worker; Sylvana Mahmic CEO


Marriott Support Services

Merri-bek Libraries

More opportunities

National Assistance Card - Rosie Mooney, National Assistance Card Service Project Manager; Malachi Cloak de Paul, National Assistance Card Service Project Officer; Amalia Partridge, National Assistance Card Service Admin Support; Deborah Byrne, BIAT Executive Officer/Project Oversight; Donna Blanchard, Autism Tasmania CEO; Robyn Davis, Autism Tasmania, Project Officer

National Community Care

NT Major Events Company

PQSA- ParaQuad South Australia

Rebecca Webber

Relationships Australia NSW – Ability Groupwork - Richard Blackshaw, Senior Counsellor; Karen Ferguson, Senior Counsellor and caseworker- First Nations Woman; Stephen Wilson- Alexander, Group facilitator and Shabnam Hinton, Group facilitator

Saba Rose Button Foundation


Statewide Autistic Services (SASI) - Penny Wearne, Lifestyle and Community

The Cram Foundation

The Multicultural Disability Advocacy Association NSW

Windgap Foundation

You Connect

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Media Award


Better Homes and Gardens: Aruma's Summerland Farm - Cameron Hartley and Heidi Ahrens, producers


Eleanor Beidatsch: Disability Affairs Reporter, ABC

ermha365: Producer and presenter: Emily Webb,ermha365 Advocacy and External Communications Coordinator; Co-host Karenza Louis-Smith, ermha365 CEO. 

Highly Commended:

The Periscope Crew: Catherine Kolomyjec, Executive Producer, Soul Gestures Inc - James Cockman, Producer/Editor; Madison Heady, Anchor; Jake Parrotte, Cinematographer; Ben Pieters, Roving Reporter; Toby Anscombe, Production Coordinator; Millie Kolomyjec - Social Media Coordinator; Jayden Meakins, Cinematographer; Kate Campbell, Director Mentor; Ella Kolomyjec, Location Mentor; Dylan Maynard, Editor Mentor


Jewel Topsfield: Social Affairs Editor, The Age

Nick McAllister: Disability Affairs Reporter, ABC Perth

ROPE TV: Assoc, CEO: Wesley Bleakley, Production: Trending Media Australia

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Outstanding Leader of the Year Award


Nathan Despott: Head of Policy, Research and Advocacy, Inclusion Melbourne


Angela Yee: CEO, Supporting Independent Living Co-operative Ltd 

Dawn McAleenan: Chief Executive Officer, Crosslinks Incorporated

Highly commended:

Andrea Comastri: Co-Founder and CEO, Hotel Etico

Benjamin Keast: CEO, ARC Disability Services.


Aaron Cotton, Chief Visionary Officer, Acorn Homes Managerial Team

Ana Baralt, CEO, APTOS

Anne Louise Hickey, Client Services Manager, The Housing Connection

Clare Gibellini, Stakeholder and Partnership Lead, Valued Lives Foundation

Ellen Hester, Administration Specialist and Ambassador, Down Syndrome NSW

Emily Finn, Moreton Bay Boccia Program Coach, Moreton Bay Boccia Program

Emily Korir, CEO, BET Group

Grieg Chapman, Lead Support Coordinator, National Community Care

Helen Whait, Founder and Franchisor, ActivOT

Ikram Farah, CEO, Empowering Community Disability Services

Jessica Hooper, Disability Advocate

Joanne DÁrcy, General Manager, Windgap Foundation

Jodee Coleman, Chief of Employment Pathways and Partnerships, Good Sammy Enterprises

Jodi Morris, Service Coordinator, Community Lifestyle Support Skills Campus Program

Jonathan Laloz, Chief Empowerment Officer, Self Plus Plus

Julie Patricia de Jong, Chair / Owner, Assured Home Care

Kardason Rawandzi, Founder and CEO, Making Footprints PTY

Karen Percival, Chief Executive Officer, Motor Neurone Disease Association of South Australia

Katherine Campbell, Senior Manager – Individualised Services, Uniting WA

Kedar Dastane, Site Manager – Work, Endeavour Foundation

Keeley Johnson, Founder, Keeley's Cause

Keira Wallace, Service Leader, United Disability Care

Kellie Carruthers, Customer Engagement Manager, Marriott Support Services

Klade Thomas, National Manager- Clinical and Therapeutic, SACARE - SAC PTY. LTD.

Matthew George, Coordination of Support Manager, Ability Options

Melinda Kubisa, Chief Executive Officer, Community Living Options (CLO)

Nebojsha Franich, Managing Director, Superyou Therapy

Nicholas Packham, Chief Executive Officer, Vivability

Olivia King, Senior Manager NDIS and Specialised Accommodation, Aboriginal Family Support Services

Peter Stewart, CEO, PQSA-ParaQuad South Australia

Rebecca Megan McCash, CEO, FutureTech Australia

Renee Clear, Chief Experience, Culture and Talent Officer, Community Living Association Inc.

Rowena Field, NDIS Coordinator, WorklinkWA

Ryan Kiddle, Head of Operations, Bunji Solutions

Samuel Thomas, Sam's Spares CO-Founder, Sam's Spares

Sharon Wrigley, CEO, Community and Specialist Support Incorporated (CASSI)

Sonya White, General Manager, Endeavour Industries Goulburn Incorporated

Uvana Sewpersadh, General Manager, LifeLift

Vanessa Ford, Disability Services Manager, Glenhaven Family Care

Veronica Matheson, DES Leader, Joblink Plus

Wendy James, General Manager, Liberty Disability Services

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