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Workforce Development Project Tasmania

The project is in response to a projected shortage of 4,000 workers that will be required by 2024, across the Community Services Industry in Tasmania.

Kenneth Jenkins Oration 2022: ‘The Question of Perspective’ Professor Bruce Bonyhady AM

On Monday 28 November, Professor Bruce Bonyhady AM presented the Kenneth Jenkins Oration at the CEOs' Meeting 2022.

International Day of People with Disability - Stories in WA 2022

To mark IDPwD, NDS supported by the Department of Communities is excited to share stories highlighting the contributions of Western Australians with disability.

Victorian Disability Inclusion Bill Exposure Draft Information Session

Young person in wheelchair cuddling up to the parent or carer who is crouched down next to them.

Disability services and others with an interest in disability inclusion legislation in Victoria.

Recorded: Friday, 30 September 2022Webinar running time: 00:54:07

The Disability Inclusion Bill would replace the current provisions in the Disability Act in relation to the State Disability Plan, Disability Action Plans and the Victorian Disability Advisory Council, and create a new legislative framework for whole-of-government action and accountability for disability inclusion in Victoria.

Learn more about the consultation and how you can provide freedback: We seek your feedback on the Victorian Disability Inclusion Bill

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