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Moving forward with COVID Risk Mitigation 24 Nov 2022: Webinar recording and presentation package

Webinar recording and presentation notes to support provider responsibilities for COVID-19 risk mitigation following removal of pandemic orders and requirements.

Addressing Occupational Violence in the Victorian Disability Sector: An overview

This paper provides an overview of the finding of a desktop review of key factors in addressing Occupational Violence in the Disability Sector

Understanding key factors that impact Disability Support Worker Retention

A summary of key factors impacting worker retention identified in a desktop review of academic literature and workforce report.

Understanding key factors that impact Disability Support Worker Retention

Two people sit at an outdoor table. One is pointing to an piece of paper, the other is writing on it.

Key benefits

  • Positive strategies to strengthen the retention of disability support workers
  • Key issues in organisational culture, supervision, workload and burnout
  • Key issues in job opportunities for career progression

Who is this for?

Organisational leaders in People and Culture, Work health and Wellbeing, and Service Delivery. 

Further information

Retaining workers is vital to be able to deliver quality services, it is therefore vital to understand what factors that impact this. Recruitment and training of new workers is an important investment of time and resources. There are many factors that will affect the retention of an individual worker, increasing worker retention requires coordination across an organisation incluing people and culture, learning and development, service delivery and work health and safey teams.

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