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Emprevo: The power to create your own worker marketplace

Image reads: Business Support. Membership has it's benefits

Emprevo - you'll love the way it works for you

Every day in the care industries, managers suffer from the stress of failing to find, connect and confirm workers for shifts. This chaos and uncertainty have been exacerbated by the pandemic, worker burnout and resourcing shortages. The uncertainty is debilitating.

That's why NDS has partnered with Emprevo, a solution that allows care providers to create their own worker marketplace to find and connect with all their workers and agencies in one place.

Managers can easily optimise and leverage all their workers and access all their agencies in their worker marketplace, all through one platform; it's life-changing. It streamlines work communications between managers, workers and agencies.

The workers and agencies can instantly view relevant shifts, accept the work, and eradicate the chaos of the daily shift grind.

For your operations, it will mean a massive reduction in unfilled shifts, better cost management, and more highly engaged and satisfied workers, continuing to deliver a high quality of care – which is also great for worker retention. Best of all, managers are less stressed and can get back to providing higher-value work. The work they love to do.

Emprevo already operates in 650+ healthcare workplaces in Australia; These providers are connecting with their 50k workers and 40 agencies on the platform to fill 70,000 shifts a month.

With worker shortages at an all-time high in care industries, you need a solution that's simple and effective. It automatically identifies, notifies, and matches your workers to your available work. This is why one manager describes Emprevo "… like magic…" And another…" It makes people sense, and it makes financial sense." And yet another, "it will be something you wonder what you ever did without".

For more information and a free demo, visit the Emprevo website, complete the form and an industry expert will be in touch.

Exclusive offer for NDS members

Emprevo offers a 30-day trial with no upfront cost and no lock-in contracts.

Emprevo will also provide a 10 per cent discount off its standard rates for NDS Organisational Members and Associates.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact NDS Membership Team, show phone number, submit enquiry/feedback