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Victoria in Focus by Sarah Fordyce, February 2023

With the holiday season over, we hope Victorian NDS members are refreshed and ready for a new year of challenges and opportunities.

NDS Helpdesk Top 5: February 2023

The NDS Helpdesk team’s top five enquiries this month includes questions on vaccination requirements, participant transport and responding to abuse.

The Disability Royal Commission reports on Disability Employment Services case

Royal Commission Update


The Disability Royal Commission has published the Commissioner’s Report on Public Hearing 21, which examined the experiences of people with disability in the Disability Employment Services (DES) program.  

In particular, it deals with the case of Mzia (not her real name), who has ADHD and worked for DES provider AimBig, which runs a coffee shop that employs and trains people with disability. Mzia worked for the company from June 2019 until April 2020. She had problems in the job and feels she was not supported properly, which contributed to a decline in her mental health and financial situation.    

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