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News update

NDS risk registers - an essential tool for service providers

NDS has developed several Excel registers to help service providers keep track of risks, incidents and complaints.

Taskforce to oversee the transition of Activ Foundation's supported employee

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What you need to know

  • Taskforce includes representation from state and federal governments, industry, and disability advocates, and family members of Activ Foundation employees
  • McGowan Government providing $4 million to assist other State Disability Enterprises
A special taskforce has been formed to guide and oversee the transition of Activ Foundation's supported employees.

The Transition Taskforce (Activ) will help to manage the process. National Disability Services along with the Department of Communities' WA Office of Disability, the Australian Department of Social Services, the National Disability Insurance Agency, Activ Foundation, and other WA Disability Enterprises will support the transition process.

Importantly, the taskforce also includes family members of Activ Foundation employees who are part of the Activ Advocacy Action Team.

Activ Foundation is one of eight independently owned and operated Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs) in WA, which provide training and supported employment opportunities to people with disability, including those with mental illness.

The McGowan Government is providing $4 million to the seven other local ADEs, to help them provide a range of alternative work opportunities for supported employees of Activ Foundation.

The Transition Taskforce will hold a workshop in the coming weeks which will provide an opportunity for people currently working at Activ and their families to get a sense of the other options available within the other local ADEs. National Disability Services is supporting this work on the ground in WA.

Disability Services Minister Don Punch said the taskforce will work together and with affected employees to identify alternative options.

"These options may include supported employment at another Australian Disability Enterprise, and open employment," said Minister  Punch. "For some, alternative opportunities to remain connected to friends and social groups may be the priority as they near retirement age."

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Coralie Flatters, State Manager WA, submit enquiry/feedback, show phone number