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News update

Current complaint mechanisms for abuse fail people with disability

A Disability Royal Commission report says complaint mechanisms and reporting pathways for violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation are often ineffective.
News update
News update

NDS celebrates 25 members for reaching 20, 30, 40 and 50 years of continued membership

Last week, the outstanding commitment, loyalty and community contributions of 25 organisations were celebrated with 2022 NDS Membership Recognition Awards.

Results of NDS Tasmania Divisional Committee elections 2022-2023

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NDS is pleased to announce the results of the Tasmania Divisional Committee elections for 2022. We received four nominations for the four vacant positions, and all nominated members were elected unopposed. 

Of the four, two were new to the committee: Donna Blanchard, Chief Executive Officer of Autism Tasmania, and Nicholas Connor, Chief Executive Officer of Langford Support Service.

We welcome two members back for a further three-year term: Donna Bain, General Manager of Self Help Workplace, and Ruth Chalk, Chief Executive Officer of NOSS Inc..

NDS sincerely thanks David Brennan and Melinda Ferrier for their commitment and contribution to NDS during their time as Divisional Committee members. 

In other ballots, Mark Jessop was elected unopposed as Chair and Nigel Hill was elected unopposed as Vice-Chair for 2022-23. 

Congratulations to all newly elected and re-elected Committee members. And thank you to all committee members for their commitment and support to NDS and the disability sector. 

For 2022-23 the Tasmania Divisional Committee (with their tenure) will be:  

  • Chair: Mark Jessop, Chief Executive Officer, Nexus Inc (2020-23) 
  • Vice-Chair: Nigel Hill, Chief Executive Officer, Multicap Tasmania 
  • Allyson Warrington, Chief Executive Officer, Community Based Support (2020-23) 
  • John Rowland, Director of Operations, Oak Possability (2020-23) 
  • Belinda Smith, Chief Executive Officer, The Parkside Foundation (2021-24) 
  • Dee-Anne Kapene, Chief Executive Officer, Coastal Residential Service Inc. (2021-24) 
  • Keryn Welch, Chief Executive Officer, Mosaic Support Services (2021-24) 
  • Russell Penman, Chief Executive Officer, Montagu Community Living (2021-24) 
  • Donna Bain, General Manager, Self Help Workplace (2022-25) 
  • Donna Blanchard, Chief Executive Officer, Autism Tasmania (2022-25) 
  • Nicholas Connor, Chief Executive Officer, Langford Support Service (2022-25) 
  • Ruth Chalk, Chief Executive Officer, NOSS Inc. (2022-25) 
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For any enquiries, please contact Renee Malby, State Manager TAS, submit enquiry/feedback, show phone number