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Tasmania in Focus by Lizzie Castles, March 2023

Our first network meeting for the year looked at the PACE trial, while Senator Urquhart and NDIS Minister Bill Shorten joined a workforce roundtable in Burnie.
News update
News update

Provider data needed for NDS response to Annual Pricing Review

With the release the 2022–23 Annual Pricing Review, NDS is collecting provider pricing and cost data to strengthen our submission.

Register for the new disability services financial benchmarking survey

Benchmarking Introducing the StewartBrown Disability Services Financial Benchmarking Survey


What you need to know

  • NDS and StewartBrown have launched the StewartBrown Disability Services Financial Benchmarking Survey.
  • Produced by Chartered Accountancy firm StewartBrown, the survey collects quarterly financial performance, equity and staffing data from participating organisations.
  • Providers receive reports that allows them to track their financial performance in the sector and identify sector trends at organisation and service level.
  • It boasts a finer level of data collection and analysis than the NDIA Financial Benchmarking Survey.

NDS and StewartBrown are proud to officially launch the StewartBrown Disability Services Financial Benchmarking Survey.      

The survey is a great opportunity for disability service providers, providing quarterly reports at both a whole of organisation level and individual service level. It lets providers track their financial performance in the sector while giving privileged insights into sector trends. These reports are designed to assist providers with financial, strategic and operational business decisions.  

The survey uses proven systems and processes established in StewartBrown’s renowned Aged Care Financial Performance Survey. Its granular service level data collection and analysis is a key difference to the NDIA Financial Benchmarking Survey. A secondary benefit is that, over time, the aggregated data will give providers a significant amount of trend data and detailed analysis.  

We invite all NDS members to participate. To register access the Registration Kit 2023 on the StewartBrown website 

The survey collects quarterly financial performance, equity and staffing data from providers and delivers a report that gives them the ability to benchmark data at an organisational level and across different service types, such as SIL, non-SIL, supported employment and support coordination.   

Each quarterly survey report will have detailed analysis of trends, succinct summary tables and clear graphs. It is tailored for each disability service, comparing results against various benchmarks. The tailored reports compare provider’s service level results against the average and top 25 per cent of services. 

Participants also have privileged access to special services provided by StewartBrown and located on their secure website. 

Last year, StewartBrown presented the survey at several NDS events, so you may already be aware of the benefits. Now the survey is launched, you should register as soon as possible.  

However, if you didn’t catch their presentation, they are running a webinar to explain the registration and participation process on Thursday 23 February at 2:00pm AEDT.  

Register for the webinar  

Why participate?  

Benchmarking brings an external focus to internal activities. You gain an independent perspective about how you perform compared to other service providers and the sector. This knowledge allows you to understand key drivers, develop baselines, define best practices, identify positive differences as well as improvement opportunities, and report and monitor key performance measures. 

Furthermore, the survey will provide evidence-based, objective analysis and accurate data on sector trends, which may be used by key stakeholders in the sector for advocacy. 

StewartBrown’s role is that of an independent third party to collect, cleanse, analyse and report the data.  

For more information read the Frequently Asked Questions.  

How to participate?  

Disability service providers pay an annual subscription, which is based on the operating size of the organisation. The pricing guide is set out in the registration kit. As a benefit for joining in the initial Survey, the one-off joining fee will be waived. For the financial year 2022–23, the pricing will be pro-rata based on two surveys (June 2022 and June 2023).   

The registration kit has details on the service, including terms and conditions of participation, the roles and obligations of StewartBrown and your organisation, survey timetable, and the pricing of services. The kit also contains an application form to provide StewartBrown with the details of the services to include in the survey, as well as your contact information.  

Access the Registration Kit 2023 on the StewartBrown website 


If you have any questions about the StewartBrown Disability Services Financial Benchmarking Survey, please do not hesitate to contact Steven Toner on (02) 9412 3033 or email:   

You can also view the StewartBrown website for further information or read the Frequently Asked Questions.   

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact NDS Membership Services, submit enquiry/feedback