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News update

New Disability Employment Support Model Consultation Report released

NDS welcomes the long-awaited release of the report on a New Disability Employment Support Model following a public consultation process that ended in February.
Media release
Media release

New job platform to address low employment rates of people with disability

An innovative online job-matching platform that aims to link jobseekers with disability and progressive employers has been launched by Disability Services Minister Hon. Don Punch MLA.

NDS welcomes Northern Territory's first Disability Strategy and Action Plan

banner reads NT Disability Strategy Launch with image of Ngaree A Kit and disability advocates in northern Territory.


Northern Territory has announced its first-ever Disability Strategy and action plan.

Minister for Disabilities Ngaree Ah Kit, launched the ten-year strategy and first three-year action plan during a ceremony at Parliament House.

The strategy was developed with expertise from the Disability Advisory Committee and community input, including from those with lived experience of disability, and took into account their families, carers and significant others, government and non-government services.

The Strategy exists for four groups: the one in nine people in NT who live with a disability; businesses that employ and support people with disability; the community that welcomes them; and the public sector that provides accessible services to everyone.

The principles of the strategy are based on the United National Convention on the Rights of People with Disability.

NDS is pleased that the Northern Territory has moved a step closer to an inclusive society where all people are valued.

Photo source: Ngaree Ah Kit: Member for Karama, Facebook. Retrieved 4 August 2022 Ngaree Ah Kit: Member for Karama | Facebook

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