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ABC News: Increased demand for Queensland disability support workers is leaving people in danger

woman using wheelchair in kitchen


Karen Stace — a senior manager at the peak body National Disability Service — said an NDIS workforce plan released last year estimated the industry would need an additional 83,000 workers in coming years.

"We do an annual market survey each year and our market survey for 2021 indicated that, of providers who were part of that survey, 70 per cent … were having difficulty in recruiting disability support workers," Karen Stace said. The year before, it whad been 60 per cent. 

Karen Stace said she thinks the industry could benefit from targeted initiatives to recruit and train staff, particularly in areas where it is difficult to find staff, such as regional and remote areas.

"Demand does outstrip supply, particularly in certain areas," she said.

Ms Stace she would like to see a 10 per cent lift in NDIS pricing to help providers recoup the high costs of PPE and overtime, and to attract more people to the industry.

"I think it's really important that we start to see some efforts around increasing the pay for disability support workers and community support workers."

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