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ABC News: Funding changes to NDIS behind closure of Activ worksites as families left 'devastated' by decision

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Funding changes to the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) have forced Western Australia's largest disability services provider to close its industrial worksites, according to the organisation's chief executive. This has resulted in the loss of over 700 jobs for people with disability.

National Disability Services chief executive Laurie Leigh said her organisation was working with a number of WA disability service providers to identify a range of alternatives, including employment opportunities, for those affected.

"The decision made by Activ was partly due to financial pressures and, as one of the largest supported employment providers in Australia, is a clear example of the fate many more providers will face if the federal government does not support the disability employment sector through the transition period," Ms Leigh said. 

"Without the option of supported employment for people with disability, many will go without employment altogether as we saw in the UK in 2012 after its government closed a number of supported employment services, leaving 1,700 people with disability without a job. 

"Supported employment provides social, caring communities for those who would otherwise miss out, and ensuring this support is financially viable into the future is critical." 

In a statement, WA Minister for Disability Services Don Punch said the state government had raised concerns with the Commonwealth and agreed any disability employment support model should focus on individual needs. 

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