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Rohling International brings people, processes, and systems together to help make your business more agile, efficient, and effective, so you can focus energy and resources on what's most important: maintaining top-notch customer-centric services. 

Now more than ever, organisations are under pressure to rapidly adapt and become more responsive to challenges, to survive and thrive in a changing landscape. Our Disability Services experts analyse what your business needs to continue providing top-notch services to your customers, and adapt our unique methodologies, know-how and industry experience to smoothly deliver your business' goals.

Our team of Trusted Independent Advisors has extensive experience in Disability Services, with nuanced knowledge of legislation, compliance, NDIS and support work. We can help you through managing the challenges of the NDIS and the outcomes of and recommendations from the Royal Commission and assessing your organisation's day-to-day processes and systems to ensure their sustainability in the long-term.


Consulting, IT, Financial/Insurance Services


Contact Information

Darren Gossling, Managing Partner, 1300942005,



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