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Introduction to Investigations Workshop

Event start date: 24/04/2024
Individual, small and medium disability service providers within the sector encouraged to further develop skills in managing risk, incidents, and complaints.

NDS OHS Advisory Group

Event start date: 24/04/2024
NDS OHS Advisory Group meetings are open to NDS members and associates interested in occupational health and safety issues and solutions in the disability sector.

Queensland Fast Facts Live

Event start date: 26/04/2024
The 45-minute format is a great way to hear about a diverse range of things impacting and influencing our sector.

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NSW State Election 2023 – NDS Campaign Resources

The NSW State Election on 25 March is a crucial chance to advocate for the disability support sector and progress genuine inclusion for people with disability.

November Triple N Webinar: Disability Royal Commission

This webinar explores the progress of the Royal Commission into Violence, Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of People with Disability to date, and address experiences for providers.

September Triple N (NDS NEWS NSW) - Quality Management Systems

This webinar was the second in our monthly series Triple N - NDS News NSW. This webinar explored Effective Quality Management Systems.

Restrictive Practice Authorisation: Building the capacity of the NSW Sector Webinar Recordings

Support person interacting with individual in chair

COVID-19 has undoubtedly brought many changes in the way that we all live our daily lives. For some people with cognitive disabilities and behaviour support needs managing the impact of changes in regular routines, restrictions in being able to undertake familiar activities and more time at home has been challenging. NDS was joined by a panel of experienced behaviour support practitioners, who are also DCJ (FACS) independent specialists, for an interactive question and answer session that helped to explore these issues.

NDS would like to acknowledge the support of DCJ (FACS) and in particular Jacqui Astolfi and the Performance Improvement & Central Restrictive Practices Team in developing this webinar and engaging our panel.

Key benefit points

Explore the challenges of implementing positive behaviour support strategies in the COVID-19 context

Learn about practical strategies that can support participants with behaviour support needs cope with the changes brought about by COVID-19

Hear our panelists answer questions about restrictive practices in the COVID-19 context

Who is this for

This webinar will be suitable for managers, front line managers and direct support staff in NSW disability providers working in environments where restrictive practices are in place.

Webinar 21st May 2020
Running time: 1:21:20

Webinar 18th May 2020
Running time: 50:30

Webinar 14th May 2020
Running time: 1:05:48

Please note that this was the same session offered on three separate dates.

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Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Karen Stace, State Manager NSW, 0409 948 530, submit enquiry/feedback