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Our Vision

An inclusive Australia where all people with disability live safely and equitably.

Our Promise

As Australia’s peak body for disability service providers, we represent our members with a strong voice to support high quality, sustainable services for people with disability.

Our Role

We see ourselves as having key roles to play across the sector:
  • To drive sector change through effective and ‘smart’ advocacy on behalf of our members, drawing on good practice and strong evidence to inform our positions.
  • To provide timely insights and analysis to service providers that they can use to inform their own decision making.
  • To provide tools, resources and services to promote and drive continuous improvement in service quality and business sustainability.
  • To facilitate networking, collaboration and sharing of knowledge, experience and good practice across the sector.
We are viewed as a thought-leader by our members, external organisations and government and seen as the ‘source of truth’ for changes across the disability sector.

Our Approach

What sets us apart and makes us unique is the way in which we approach our work and how we deliver these services:

  • We are passionate about driving real change in the sector, approaching our advocacy efforts with courage and from a position of strength.
  • We are collaborative, consultative and responsive in our approach – working closely with the sector and our members and drawing on the expertise of people with lived experience of disability.
  • We understand and value the diverse settings in which our members operate, whether it be geographical, cultural or service diversity We reflect this diversity through being both local and national in our thinking and our actions.
  • We showcase the work and contributions of our members, recognising, promoting and celebrating their contribution to their communities.

Our Goals

  • Ensure NDIS delivers on its promise for all Australians.
  • A powerful, informed voice across the sector for all our members.
  • High quality and sustainable services by the sector.
  • Members and people with lived experience at the centre of our work.
  • A diverse and talented team delivering an organisation that is effective, efficient and sustainable.

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