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Special Event
Special Event

Mildura Jobs Fair: Careers in Disability

Don't miss this opportunity to connect with disability service providers with job seekers and students!

Disability at Work Summit 2019

NDS’s employment summit will take a targeted approach to the essential issues in employment in two separate days - one focusing on open employment and one on supported employment.
Special Event
Special Event

Disability Employment Excellence Awards 2019

As part of our commitment to high-quality employment service provision, NDS is holding the Disability Employment Excellence Awards for a third year.

Latest Training

NDS Events
NDS Events

Stepping Up: Staff Supervision and Development

An interactive two-day course to help you develop and implement a robust set of leadership tools for you to positively influence the work culture, values and ethics of your teams.
NDS Training
NDS Training

Introduction to Customised Employment Techniques

This training will introduce the ‘Informational Interviewing Technique’ and provide practical examples of how to maintain successful workplace partnerships. 
NDS Training
NDS Training

Understanding Challenging Behaviour for Support Workers and Coordination

Are you looking for a new approach in how you support the person and their family? Join us at this interactive workshop. 

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Online Training
Online Training

Manual Handling for Disability Support Workers

This e-learning module explores manual handling techniques for supporting people with disability.

NDIS Financial Management: Cost Attribution

NDIS Financial Management: Cost Attribution is the first in four new simple financial management modules which address cost attribution within the NDIS. 

NDIS Simple Financial Management

NDIS Simple Financial Management is an online training program designed to support providers operating in an NDIS environment to understand the financial levers that underpin sustainability of their...

NDIS Financial Management: Cost Attribution

two people having a discussion in front of a laptop
Location: National (Online)
Date: 4/06/2019 to 31/12/2019
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Developed and distributed on behalf of NDS Consulting, this e-learning module is the first in four new simple financial management modules which address cost attribution within the NDIS. It provides an introduction to disability services providers concerning cost attribution. 

Operating within an NDIS environment, service providers must be able to link their costs in providing services to an individual NDIS participant’s plan. In order to do this, the organisation must be able to identify its total costs and have a rigorous method of cost allocation.

Learning outcomes:

This module will help you understand the principles of cost attribution and its importance for business operations. It will assist you to understand how all the associated costs of a specific service or product are allocated to determine the true cost to the organisation.

In this session we will be covering the basics of cost attribution and introducing you to our case study. We hope to answer ‘why does this matter?’ before delving into how to calculate costs in depth. In this first part of a series of four modules concerning financial management, we will be covering these key questions:

  • What is cost attribution?
  • What am I trying to achieve with cost attribution?
  • How does it affect my business?
  • How can I use this information to drive change?
  • How do we achieve good growth?
  • How do our actions change possible outcomes?  
  • What do we need to remember?

By understanding well the principles and approaches to cost allocation you can be confident that you have understood how the costs of providing your services may be attributed to your service functions and can be confident that claims that you make to the NDIS are accurate and grounded in rigorous financial management practice.

The module takes on average 15 minutes to complete. It forms one part of four modules that have been developed to support financial management in the NDIS sector.


Produced by NDS Learning and Development and funded by NSW Family and Community Services.

Cost: $35.00 incl. GST

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Katherine Hancock, Learning & Development Consultant, on 0292563167, or at