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One Day Seminar
One Day Seminar

Mallee (Mildura) NDIS Implementation Workshop #1

NDS invites service delivery, NDIS intake managers, team and frontline managers to the first Mallee (Mildura) NDIS Implementation Workshop.
NDS Committee Meeting
NDS Committee Meeting

NDS Queensland State Committee Forums

The NDS Queensland State Committee invites service providers to discuss your NDIS experiences and top-of-mind questions; and hear the latest information around NDIS.
One Day Seminar
One Day Seminar

The Emerging Leader: One-day workshop

This workshop for new and emerging leaders will focus on transitioning from team member to team leader/supervisor, exploring and addressing some of the challenges faced in managing others.

Latest Training

NDS Member Meeting
NDS Member Meeting

NSW Children, Young People and their Families Sub-Committee

Registrations are now open for the NDS NSW Children, Young People and their Families Sub-Committee.
Training Course (short)
Training Course (short)

NDIS and the Art of Support Coordination

Support Coordinators play a significant role in helping participants get the best outcomes from their NDIS-funded plans. This workshop is tailored to existing and aspiring Support Coordinators in WA.

Business Excellence Webinars

The NDS Business Excellence Webinar Series looks at topical business issues and offers contemporary advice and inspiration for leaders in the disability sector.

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NDS Training
NDS Training

Executive and Board NDIS Series 2019

A series of four two hour workshops covering NFP Boards, Strategy, Finance and Clinical Governance that no Executive and/or Board member can afford to miss.
NDS Training
NDS Training

WA Finance Forum 2019

Don’t miss this opportunity to hear updates and discussion on issues affecting senior managers and finance professionals. An initiative of the Finance and Sustainability Sub-Committee.
NDS Training
NDS Training

Tracking and monitoring billable hours in an NDIS environment

This workshop will provide management and service delivery staff with an introduction to concepts such as staff utilisation and billable hours within the context of organisational sustainability under...

Marketing in the NDIS

Two women talking to each other. One woman holding a piece of paper
Location: National (Online)
Date: 6/02/2019 to 30/06/2019
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Marketing in the NDIS is a recorded webinar series designed to support providers operating in an NDIS environment to understand marketing theory and how to apply it to their organisation.

Attendees are introduced to the stages leading to the development of a marketing plan and an understanding of the information that they will need to ensure it meets the needs of the organisation's transition efforts.

They will also learn how to identify the traps and pitfalls of developing a marketing plan and identify the skills required to measure the successful implementation of the plan.

Program Structure

Webinar 1 - How to get marketing on the agenda of your organisation

Many organisations seeking to work within the NDIS are still hesitant or don’t know where to start in outwardly marketing their services. Often, the biggest blocker can be the board or senior management that may still see marketing as an expensive, shiny proposition.

This webinar seeks to educate participants about how to change the internal resistance to marketing and to provides practical tips on how to begin the marketing strategy development process.

Webinar 2 – How to develop a marketing strategy

This second webinar focuses on understanding each organisation’s vision and mission and seeks to prepare a strategy document that will dictate all external marketing tactics.

Webinar 3 – Tactics for your marketing plan

The third webinar seeks to highlight the communication tactics available and to provide key points on how to implement each one.

Webinar 4 - Aligning your marketing tactics with your business objectives

The final webinar supports organisations that have developed their marketing strategy and understand the type of tactics they can use. It is about educating the audience on how to choose tactics that align with the business objectives of each organisation.

Program Facilitator: This program is delivered by ThinkHQ - a Victorian Based Full-Service Communications Agency. The team’s collective experience extends beyond just marketing and public relations, to internal and corporate communications, event and project management, and philanthropy and fundraising.


Participants completing the program will have a clear understanding on how to utilise the marketing tools and resources that include:

  • Analysis of value proposition
  • Identification and analysis of client groups
  • Analysis of marketing opportunities
  • Developing a brand positioning matrix
  • A draft Marketing Plan for their organisation

Who should attend?

This program is relevant to marketing and communication staff as well as managers of small to medium sized organisations. Also relevant to CEO/Board members of organisations wishing to develop a hands-on approach to marketing for their organisation.

Event details

Victorian provider: $70.00 incl. GST subsidised through the Victorian Government Sector Transition Support Package

Providers outside of Victoria: $135.00 incl. GST subsidised through the Victorian Government Sector Transition Support Package.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact, Learn & Develop at