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Latest Events

Sector Meeting
Sector Meeting

Victorian Disability Worker Registration Scheme Workshop

Victorian disability service providers are encouraged to attend a consultation workshop on the Victorian Disability Worker Registration Scheme.
One Day Seminar
One Day Seminar

SDA in Victoria: Navigating the regulatory requirements

The purpose of this forum is to examine the complex policy and legislative environment currently facing providers of Specialist Disability Accommodation in Victoria.
One Day Seminar
One Day Seminar

Behaviour Support and Compliance under the NDIS

The workshop will take you through the essentials to better understand the  NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Commission legislation.

Latest Training

Training Course (short)
Training Course (short)

The Art of Support Coordination

Support Coordinators play a significant role in helping participants get the best outcomes from their NDIS plans. These two workshops are tailored to existing and aspiring Support Coordinators in WA.
NDS Member Meeting
NDS Member Meeting

NSW Accommodation Support and Housing Subcommittee and SIL Teleconference

Come together to hear from NDS and fellow providers on policy and operational issues, receive policy updates relevant to specific topics, hear from industry experts and gain advice.
NDS Member Meeting
NDS Member Meeting

NSW Accommodation Support and Housing Subcommittee

Register now to attend the next meeting of the NSW Accommodation and Housing Support Subcommittee

Related events

News update
News update

Poor data governance is an issue for NDIS market stewardship

NDS has joined with universities and experts on disability issues in a submission to a Data Sharing and Release Legislative Reforms Discussion Paper.
Media release
Media release

NDS welcomes incoming CEO of the National Disability Insurance Agency

Acting CEO of National Disability Services (NDS), David Moody, today welcomed the appointment of a new CEO for the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).
News update
News update

Second round of BLCW grants to assist organisations to transition to the NDIS

A second round of BLCW grants will be made available to assist organisations in their transition to the NDIS.

Business excellence beyond NDIS transition

laptop on a desk with blurry people in the background
Location: Online
Date: 17/07/2019 to 30/06/2020

Four eLearning modules have been developed with funding from the Victorian Government to support business excellence beyond NDIS transition.

The expected completion time of each module is approx. 30 min

Content Access Module
  1. Finding your purpose
  2. Going through changes
  3. Measuring success
  4. The two providers
  5. Why the purpose? Or, why people buy
  6. What does it mean to know your purpose?
  7. When a business doesn’t know its purpose
  8. When a business does know its purpose
  9. Mission and values
  10. A good mission statement
  11. Being guided by purpose
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Content Access Module
Coming Soon
Content Access Module
  1. Strategy and transformation – welcome
  2. The big picture
  3. Success in a changing landscape
  4. The NDIS Provider Toolkit
  5. Provider Toolkit: key documents
  6. Using the Provider Toolkit
  7. Building your roadmap
  8. Using the business process and action guide
  9. Putting it all to use
  10. Conclusion
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Content Access Module
  1. The customer journey
  2. The big picture
  3. When is a customer satisfied
  4. Customer touchpoints
  5. Example: An average outcome
  6. The customer experience
  7. The customer journey
  8. Customer journey mapping
  9. How to gather feedback
  10. Customer first!
  11. Correct the customer experience
  12. Conclusion
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Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Elise.Garraway, Project Manager, NDIS Sector Development Project,0383414305,