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Special Event
Special Event

NDS Qld Boards Summit

As part of our commitment to supporting disability service organisations and their Boards through transition to the NDIS, we invite you to participate in our Queensland Boards Summit.
Special Event
Special Event

Bendigo Grant Designs Workshop

This workshop helps to design projects in a way that will lead to strong disability workforce innovation and development proposals that meet the requirements of funders.
Special Event
Special Event

Costing and Pricing in the NDIS Environment

This one-day seminar is designed to introduce finance and managerial staff in not-for-profit organisations to the basic concepts of finance in the new environment of the NDIS.

Latest Training

NDS Events
NDS Events

Stepping Up: Staff Supervision and Development

An interactive two-day course to help you develop and implement a robust set of leadership tools for you to positively influence the work culture, values and ethics of your teams.
NDS Training
NDS Training

Introduction to Customised Employment Techniques

This training will introduce the ‘Informational Interviewing Technique’ and provide practical examples of how to maintain successful workplace partnerships. 
NDS Training
NDS Training

Understanding Challenging Behaviour for Support Workers and Coordination

Are you looking for a new approach in how you support the person and their family? Join us at this interactive workshop. 

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Quality and Safeguarding Transition Arrangement: Member webinars

NDS is running a series of member-only webinars to update members transitioning into the new Quality and Safeguarding arrangements.
Online Training
Online Training

Supported Decision Making (e-Learning module)

Distributed on behalf of NSW Public Guardian, this e-learning module introduces the Supported Decision Making Practice Framework and discusses in detail the various elements of the framework.
Online Event
Online Event

Driver Safety Induction

Distributed in partnership with Driver Safety Australia, this course provides a quick refresher to existing drivers, and includes three units:The Driver and Human Factors; The Vehicle; and The Road...

Bendigo Grant Designs Workshop

people standing in an office setting having a conversation
Location: Bendigo
Date: 28/05/2019
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National Disability Services (NDS) invites you to attend the Bendiro Grant Designs workshop. This workshop aims to help disability service providers, people with disability, carers and other stakeholders to learn to design projects in a way that will lead to strong disability workforce innovation and development proposals that meet the requirements of funders and the needs of current and future grant rounds.

Facilitated by Workforce Connector Andrew Gibbs, the session will provide an opportunity for participants to explore project design using designated principles and best practice to assist and support their achievement of successful grant applications.

The workshop will include:
• Knowledge and skills to articulate a project proposal using a structured design process and existing resources
• Increased awareness and potentially inspiration from recent disability workforce innovations and previous projects that have applied or tested new workforce practices
• Understanding how to use the provided resources to address grant application criteria
• Development of some ideas for a grant proposal to take back to their organisation for validation and refinement.

It is advised that organisation representatives bring along their Mission and Vision statement and a laptop if possible to get the most out of the workshop.

The session will provide
Grant Designs workbook, Person-centred, Outcome Focussed Design (POPD) guide and other useful references.

Who should attend?
NDS recommends that most suited to attend include; CEOs, CFOs and HR Managers, Business Development Managers, Service providers large and small, people with disabilities, carers and relevant people from other disability workforce stakeholders.

Event details:
Date: Thursday 28th May
Time: 9am – 3pm
Location: PepperGreen Farm, 40-44 Thunder Street, North Bendigo
Cost: Free

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Andrew Gibbs, Disability Workforce Innovation Connector - Central Highlands, Loddon & Mallee, 0436 820 096,