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NDS Committee Meeting
NDS Committee Meeting

Support Coordination Network Roundtables

Support Coordination Network Roundtables are being held across Tasmania to share the latest information, strategies and good practice to operate successfully in the NDIS environment.

Royal Commission Update and Governing for new Quality and Safeguards

This webinar for Board's and CEO's will provide a Royal Commission update and focus on Boards governing for the new quality and safeguards requirements and for the COVID normal environment.
Online Event
Online Event

Health and Safety Representatives Community of Practice

NDS, in partnership with WorkSafe Victoria, is commencing a Community of Practice for Health and Safety Representatives at disability service organisations.

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Sector Meeting
Sector Meeting

In Home Support Providers Community Of Practice

This session will focus on the COVID normal Roadmap and issues and challenges.
Sector Meeting
Sector Meeting

NDS OHS Advisory Group

NDS OHS Advisory Group meetings are open to NDS members and associates interested in occupational health and safety issues and solutions in the disability sector.
Sector Meeting
Sector Meeting

NDS Workforce Members’ Meeting

NDS Workforce Members’ meetings are open to NDS members and associates interested in workforce issues and solutions in the disability sector

The Stress of COVID-19 in the Disability Sector

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Location: National (Online)
Date: 9/12/2020
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National Disability Services (NDS) is partnering with SACS to present this interactive online workshop. In the disability sector we are hearing multiple reports of employees showing signs of anger, anxiety or depression. Particularly, but not only in Victoria, people are reporting employees becoming fatigued and stressed. Some are describing anger reactions from staff who have historically been agreeable and easy to work with.

We are in the middle of a stressful situation and there is no sign of its immediate resolution. SACS offers you the opportunity to join us for a two-hour participatory workshop focused on this topic. In this workshop we will provide a strong theoretical understanding of the stress reactions of people in this situation and a range of practical techniques which you will be able to immediately apply.

Topics covered will include:

  • Why people vary in their sensitivity to stress
  • What are the signs that somebody is becoming stressed?
  • What are the neurological and biological factors at play in stressful situations?
  • When does stress become trauma?
  • What can I do to manage my own stress?
  • What can I do to manage the stress of colleagues?

Join us to hear some useful suggestions about how to manage in these challenging times.

Key Benefits

You will gain an understanding of how stress affects people in challenges like the current one. An understanding of the warning signs of when somebody is likely to succumb to this stress. Tips and techniques on how to keep morale and commitment high and stress manageable.

Who Should Attend

Chief Executives, Executive leaders, Line Managers or HR professionals.

Your presenter

Andrew Marty is one of Australia's best known workplace psychologists. Actively involved in primary research with university partners such as Deakin University he contributes to the development of the science of organisational psychology and is well known for his ability to take research evidence and make it easy to understand. He develops products and solutions as outcomes of this research and applies them to clients in an extremely wide range of industries.

Event Details

Date: Wednesday, 9 December 2020
Time: 2pm (AEDT)
Venue: Online Zoom Meeting
Cost: Free

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Dianne Hardy, Project Lead Disability Workforce Innovation, 0436 820 088,