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Free Webinar: How to Lead an Exceptional Life during COVID-19 with Marcus Pearce

National Disability Services invites you to a free member-only webinar on how to lead an exceptional life during COVID-19.

Queensland Conference 2020

POSTPONED: Due to public health concerns surrounding COVID-19 this conference has been postponed.
Special Event
Special Event

2020 Disability Support Awards Gala Dinner

POSTPONED: Due to public health concerns surrounding COVID-19 the 2020 Disability Support Awards Gala Dinner has been postponed.

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One Day Seminar
One Day Seminar

Local perspectives of NDIS service providers

POSTPONED:  Due to public health concerns surrounding COVID-19 these events have been postponed.  We are reviewing options for new dates or virtual delivery. 
One Day Seminar
One Day Seminar

Information Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC) Workshop

Now Online: Due to public health concerns surrounding COVID-19, this event will now be held via webinar.

Disability at Work 2020

COVID-19: at this time Disability at Work 2020 is still planned to take place at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre in October. This situation may change as we continue to monitor health...

Queensland Conference 2020

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Location: Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre
Date: 7/05/2020 to 8/05/2020
[Event Postponed]
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Due to public health concerns surrounding COVID-19 this conference has been postponed.  We are reviewing options for new dates or virtual delivery of the Queensland Conference 2020.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused by our action to protect the health of our conference attendees. Registered delegates will receive a separate notice once we know more and if ticket refunds are necessary.

The former paradigm of disability service provision in Australia has changed forever. The political and social will to create preferred futures for people with disability and their families/carers continues to gain momentum. In the reimagined future, the human rights of people with disability are realised, upheld and guide decision-making in all facets of the work we do together.

Today, we are in the middle of a myriad of changes that are likely to realise this vision. A Disability Royal Commission, a National Quality and Safeguards Framework, a Queensland Human Rights Act and a NDIS accessible across the country, are just some of the elements necessary to reach our desired futures.

A rapidly changing and complex landscape demands that disability service providers reenvision their own business strategies, while simultaneously improving quality and safety for all customers. Transformational change requires that we construct new paradigms that support equity, choice, control and self-determination, and prevent all forms of abuse against people with disability.

We must continue to ask ourselves how to solve tomorrow’s problems today.

Join us in a gathering of great minds at the Queensland State Conference 2020: Futures in Disability, to participate in a critical dialogue on how to align our business systems with our visions for change, and more critically, how to be the change we want to see.

To access program  and sponsors / exhibitors informations go to the Queensland Conference website.

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For any enquiries, please contact Anneka Hancock, Conference & Events Assistant, 02 9256 3192,