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Sector Meeting
Sector Meeting

QLD Disability Sector Workforce Consultations – Domestic and Family Violence Training Needs

WorkUP Queensland and NDS invite disability service organisations and individuals from the disability workforce to a series of consultations.
Online Event
Online Event

Health and Safety Representatives Community of Practice

NDS, in partnership with WorkSafe Victoria, is commencing a Community of Practice for Health and Safety Representatives at disability service organisations.
Sector Meeting
Sector Meeting

Day Services Community of Practice Meeting

The NDS Community of Practice (CoP) for Day Services disability sector providers is meeting regularly to discuss issues and concerns, and share strategies to assist disability services transition to,...

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In-house Workshops
In-house Workshops

Emerging Leader In-House Workshop

Emerging Leader in-house workshops are for new and emerging supervisors and leaders within the disability sector transitioning from team member to team leader/supervisor.
One Day Seminar
One Day Seminar

Virtual Defensible Documentation Workshop

Usually offered as an in-house workshop or training and 1:1 coaching, this one-off virtual workshop is an opportunity for organisations to send staff to discuss correct methods of record-keeping.

Epilepsy: Minimising the Risk

Epilepsy: Minimising the Risk looks at possible risks in the home, outdoor and work environments. The interactive activities demonstrate practical ways to reduce risks for someone with epilepsy. 

Zero Tolerance suite of resources for Organisations

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Location: National (online)
Date: 1/05/2020 to 30/06/2021
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Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance is an initiative led by NDS in partnership with the disability sector.  It assists disability service providers to understand, implement and improve practices, which safeguard the rights of people they support.

The Zero Tolerance commitment is a commitment to recognise, raise and respond to any deviation from the human rights of people using disability services. It is a personal and organisational commitment to always have our eyes open and always be doing better to support rights.

Built around a national evidence-based framework, Zero Tolerance is

  • a way for organisations to understand actions they can do to prevent and respond to abuse, neglect and violence of people with disability
  • a clear message that abuse, neglect and violence are not okay
  • a way of thinking about abuse as a human rights issue not a disability issue
  • an organisational and personal commitment to act on:
    • anything that makes a person with disability be or feel unsafe
    • anything that doesn’t support a person’s human rights
    • anything that we could be doing better
  • a collection of resources to educate and train staff at all levels to understand their responsibilities in preventing and responding to abuse
  • a way of working collaboratively within and outside the disability sector to prevent and respond to abuse.

Organisational access to Zero Tolerance suite of resources

Organisations are able to purchase access to the suite of Zero Tolerance tools and resource files in order to host internally on your own LMS. These tools and resources will assist you to educate and train staff at all levels to understand their responsibilities in preventing and responding to abuse. 

These files include:

  • Human Rights and You – eLearning (SCORM), supporting workbook and video
  • Positive Cultures Films - videos
  • Recognising Restrictive Practices - videos
  • Responding to Abuse - videos
  • Safeguarding for Boards- videos and resource booklet
  • Speaking up about Safety - report
  • Trauma Informed Support films - videos
  • Understanding abuse – eLearning (SCORM), video learning bites, worksheets, pdf resources and guide for supervisors


$760 plus GST to purchase the NDS Zero Tolerance suite of tools and resources to host on your own Learning Management System.

As we create more modules for the Zero Tolerance suite they will be available to purchase additionally for a fee of $95 plus GST. Please contact  if you have any queries.

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