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Sector Meeting
Sector Meeting

Support Coordination Network

The NDS Support Coordination Network will focus on practical advice for support coordinators and professionals working in key operational roles.
Sector Meeting
Sector Meeting

Allied Health Network and Roundtable

National Disability Services invites allied health professionals from around the state to join a roundtable discussion and network.

Free webinar: Crisis communications during the Disability Royal Commission

Learn how to best manage reputational and sector issues that may arise in the media from the Disability Royal Commission.

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NDS Member Meeting
NDS Member Meeting

Positive Behaviour Support and Elimination of Restrictive Practices Workshop

As part of the Quality and Safeguarding Project, NDS is delivering an interactive half-day workshop on Positive Behaviour Support and the Elimination of Restrictive Practices.
Special Event
Special Event

Quality and Safeguarding Forum 2020

NDS is proud to announce this Quality and Safeguarding Forum to assist service providers in WA in their preparations to transition to the NDIS Quality and Safeguards regime on 1 July 2020.

WA Disability Support Awards 2020: Nomination Masterclasses

WA Disability Support Awards logo with stars around it
Location: Perth
Date: 16/01/2020 to 21/01/2020

Nominations for the WA Disability Support Awards 2020 are officially open. To support you in getting started and provide tips for the nomination process, NDS WA is offering two Nomination Masterclass workshops.The WA Disability Support Awards celebrate the significant contribution of individuals and teams who support people with disability to achieve their goals. They recognise and reward people who go beyond ordinary standards of service and provide the highest standard of individualised support to people with disability. The Awards also provide an opportunity to recognise excellence in leadership and innovation to continuously improve disability supports and create better outcomes. There are seven awards categories:

Not sure how to get started or need tips and support with writing your nomination? Attend a Nomination Masterclass workshop!

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