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Mandatory Vaccination - Your IR/HR questions answered

This session will provide providers the opportunity to seek clarification and get their questions answered on a range of challenges surrounding mandatory vaccination from an IR/HR perspective.
Sector Meeting
Sector Meeting

Consultation on Disability Services Act Review

Communities Tasmania is currently reviewing the Disability Services Act 2011
Sector Meeting
Sector Meeting

NSW COVID-19 Response: Senior Leader meeting

NDS invites senior leaders to our next COVID-19 Response discussion meeting.

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Oral hygiene for people with disability

This eLearning course is designed to support Disability Support Practitioners in providing effective oral hygiene for people with disability.

Sustainable Service under the NDIS

This 30-minute eLearning module provides insights into the commercial NDIS environment and how to make commercially sound decisions while providing high-quality support to clients.

Working with People with Disability

This 30-minute eLearning module introduces frontline staff to the principle of providing support to people with disability. Crucial knowledge for everyone in the disability services sector.

Supported Decision Making

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Location: eLearning
Date: 1/01/2021 to 30/06/2022
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Decision-making is a human right and an essential part of everyone’s life.

Developed and distributed on behalf of NSW Public Guardian, this e-learning module introduces the Supported Decision Making Practice Framework and discusses in detail the various elements of the framework.

The module will help you in building your existing knowledge and skills to promote consistent best practice in supported decision-making. Critical concepts are explored and their application presented through examples and practical scenarios.

At the completion of the module, learners will have:
  • Gained a basic understanding of the key concepts, principles and strategies related to supported decision-making
  • Confidence to begin to apply this knowledge in daily work
  • Ability to identify challenges and strategies to maximise opportunities for people with a disability to make decisions in all aspects of their lives
  • Better understanding of issues relating to decision-making, including factors that may affect a person’s ability to make decisions and tools that might assist

By applying these concepts and principles you will be empowering a person with a disability and affirming their right to be in charge of their own life.

The module takes on average 80 minutes to complete. There are five sections (which are each approximately 15 minutes long). The module has bookmarking enabled so learners can complete it over several sittings. A Certificate of Completion is available to learners completing the module in full.

Acknowledgment: Produced by the State of NSW through the Department of Justice, NSW Public Guardian and funded by NSW Family and Community Services.

Cost: Free of charge

Note: This course is available on the NDS Workforce Essentials e-Learning Library Licence

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For any enquiries, please contact Learn & Develop,  submit enquiry/feedback.

For technical support with the eLearning training platform, please contact, 07 3114 2958 or access the online helpdesk