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Practice Leadership Workshop #1 for Behaviour Support Practitioners - Live Webinar

This webinar will provide an overview of the importance of practice leadership in relation to Positive Behaviour Support and train staff to effectively implement behaviour support strategies.

October Triple N Webinar

Our October Triple N webinar will explore the role of the newly established NSW Ageing and Disability Commission and their interaction with providers.
One Day Seminar
One Day Seminar

NDIS Code of Conduct Workshop

National Disability Services is delivering a national series of half-day workshops, with advocacy organisations, to promote a shared understanding of the NDIS Code of Conduct.

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How Social Media Fits into Digital Marketing

This session will focus on the stages of digital transformation and the important role that leadership plays in its success. We will also explore digital and social touch points.

Practice Leadership Workshop #2 for Behaviour Support Practitioners - Live Webinar

The second webinar of this series will focus on how to engage staff teams in reflective practice and how practitioners can reflect on their own practice.
Online Training
Online Training

Human Rights and You e-Learning Program

Human Rights and You is a national video-based e-learning program for disability support workers about why human rights matter when supporting people with disability.

Quality and Safeguarding: Reflection and Action

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Location: Northbridge
Date: 26/09/2019
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As part of the Quality and Safeguarding Project, NDS is delivering this interactive half-day workshop.

The workshop has been developed for coordinators and key support workers that will be actively be promoting quality and safeguarding best practice in your organisation to ensure change is embedded through the organisation.

It will have a very practical focus, and utilise tools that have been developed as part of the NDS WA Safer Services Project.

During the workshop, we will:

  • Discuss current and future requirements around quality and safeguarding
  • Reflect on values and current practices
  • Explore strengths, gaps and areas for improvement
  • Develop an action plan for your organisation

Event details

Date: Thursday, 26 September 2019
Time: 9.30am - 12.30pm
Venue: NDS Training Room, 12 Lindsay Street Northbridge
Facilitator: Carmen Pratts-Hincks, Project Lead, Quality and Safeguarding, NDS

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact Lucinda Mirthil, Sector Learning and Development Coordinator, 08 9208 9831,