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Online Event
Online Event

NDIS Audit Experience Online Consultation

Join NDS and Jas-ANZ for a consultation session aimed at improving provider experiences of NDIS Approved Quality Auditing.
Scheduled Training
Scheduled Training

Leadership Resilience Masterclass

In this two hour virtual workshop we’ll work with you, embedding techniques you can adopt to build your resilience in and out of the workplace, so you can stay strong in tough times, leading your team...
Sector Meeting
Sector Meeting

Health and Safety Representatives Community of Practice

NDS, in partnership with WorkSafe Victoria, is commencing a Community of Practice for Health and Safety Representatives at disability service organisations.

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News update
News update

IAC: Independent assessments should not proceed in current form

The NDIA has signalled support for recommendations made by its Independent Advisory Council regarding IAs. The Advisory Council also made comments in its report that will interest members.

NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits for 2021-22 released

The Agency has finally released its NDIS Pricing Arrangements and Price Limits for 2021-22, previously known as the NDIS Price Guide.
News update
News update

Agency seeks input on new Support for Decision Making policy

Members are invited to provide information on how the NDIS can better support participants to be actively involved in making decisions about their lives and to exercise choice and control.

Infection, Prevention and Control

A female disability worker looking and smiling at a seated older woman
Location: eLearning
Date: 1/01/2021 to 31/12/2021
Individual access

Course overview

This comprehensive course was written by subject matter experts which outlines strategies to successfully prevent and control the spread of infection which has never been more important than it is today.

This course equips workers with the latest evidence-based knowledge required to prevent and control infection according to current Work Health Safety (WHS) legislation, standards and industry codes of practice.

Content covers:

  • identifying the risk of infection;
  • responding appropriately to situations that pose an infection risk and reporting accordingly;
  • identifying common infections;
  • recognising the modes of transmission of infection;
  • applying standard precautions as part of own work routine;
  • recognising situations when transmission-based precautions may be required and reporting accordingly; and
  • applying transmission-based precautions when standard precautions may not be sufficient to control infections.

Who should attend?

This comprehensive course is recommended for workers who require knowledge of safe work practices in order to prevent, and if necessary control, infection in the workplace.

Fee structure

Individual access: $35.00 plus GST for 12 months.

Volume discounts are available upon application

Format delivery

Online eLearning module - duration: 60 minutes  

Proudly distributed in partnership with Cerebral Palsy Alliance Training Alliance.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact the Learn and Develop Team, .

For technical support with the eLearning training platform, please contact , 07 3114 2958 or access the online helpdesk