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One Day Seminar
One Day Seminar

Virtual Defensible Documentation Workshop

Usually offered as an in-house workshop or training and 1:1 coaching, this one-off virtual workshop is an opportunity for organisations to send staff to discuss correct methods of record-keeping.
Special Event
Special Event

WA CEO Roundtable Connect Event

NDS invites CEOs from the WA disability sector to join in launching the CEO Connect - a forum to connect with CEOs and a place to build strong and purposeful relationships for greater collaboration.

Working in Disability - A Lifeline to a New Career

This webinar will explore jobs and careers in the Victorian disability sector, presenting current opportunities and experiences from a panel of experts on transitioning into the sector.

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Sector Meeting

Victoria SIL Community of Practice

NDS is commencing a SIL Community of Practice with the first meeting scheduled for 3 September. SIL providers are welcome to attend to discuss issues relating to infection control and business continuity,...

NDS Safer and Stronger Webinar: COVID-19 and Disability Services

NDS invites Victorian disability service providers to attend the next NDS Safer and Stronger webinar in the series on responding to COVID-19.

Epilepsy: Minimising the Risk

People in a conference setting
Location: National (Online)
Date: 11/08/2020 to 30/06/2021
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Epilepsy, like other long-term health conditions, comes with certain risks. If left unchecked these can become serious. The risk associated with seizures need to be understood and recognised because knowing about the risks means action can be taken to reduce them.

This course looks at possible risks in the home, outdoor and work environments. The interactive activities demonstrate practical ways to reduce risks for someone with epilepsy. There is also a section related to supporting others and managing if a seizure occurs in a public area.

What to expect

With plenty of video demonstrations, this course is perfect for health professionals and disability support workers as well as families.

Please note this course does not cover seizure first aid. For seizure first aid see Epilepsy Essentials.

This 30-minute course includes:

  1. Risk Management
    1. Why seizures can be risky
    2. Safety – managing risks in different environments
    3. Seizure triggers
    4. Planning
    5. Reducing risk
    6. SUDEP
  2. Managing people and their responses
    1. Planning ahead
    2. When a seizure occurs
    3. Debriefing

Competencies and Outcome:
You will be required to complete a quiz at the end of the course, and then you will receive a certificate of completion

Fee Structure

Per person for a 12 month licence (excludes GST)

  • 0-10 users no discount - $40
  • 11-20 users 5% discount - $38
  • 21-40 users 10% discount - $36
  • 41-60 users 15% discount - $34
  • 61-120 users 20% discount - $32
  • 121-150 users 25% discount - $30
  • 151-200 users 30% discount - $28

Proudly distributed in partnership with Epilepsy Action Australia.

Epilepsy Action Australia

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact the Learn and Develop team by emailing