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NDP's Workforce Virtual Conference

Register now for NDP’s Workforce Virtual Conference. This one-day virtual conference will focus on future-proofing the disability workforce. How are we going to attract, maintain and future-proof...
Scheduled Training
Scheduled Training

Nutrition education workshops

NDS is pleased to present Nutrition Education workshops designed to upskill those that support people with disability.
Special Event
Special Event

The 'How To' Quality Masterclass series

This series of quality masterclasses will be facilitated by Dr Cathy Balding over six weeks and will teach key skills that every effective quality manager needs in their toolbox, covering three aspects...

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Scheduled Training
Scheduled Training

Purpose-full Quality and Safeguarding Workshop

Simplify your quality management system while achieving better quality and safeguarding at this hands-on workshop for practitioners who already have a sound understanding. 

Oral hygiene for people with disability

This eLearning course is designed to support Disability Support Practitioners in providing effective oral hygiene for people with disability.

Sustainable Service under the NDIS

This 30-minute eLearning module provides insights into the commercial NDIS environment and how to make commercially sound decisions while providing high-quality support to clients.

Disability Aware: An awareness and inclusion program

Image of hands pointing to a notepad on an office meeting table
Location: eLearning
Date: 1/01/2021 to 31/12/2022

Disability Aware is an engaging, interactive and extremely informative eLearning course, packed with highly relevant, up-to-the-minute information specifically developed by disability professionals. The program covers a wide range of essential topics designed to build skills, understanding, and confidence with the inclusion of people with disabilities.

Course Overview

The program covers a wide range of essential topics designed to build skills, understanding, and confidence, including:

  • Disability and diversity;
  • The rights of people with disability;
  • Different causes and types of disability;
  • Communication tips and techniques;
  • Stereotypes and misconceptions; and
  • Strategies to help you feel confident to work inclusively with people with disability.

Who should attend?

This course is suited to any organisation or industry type looking to enhance knowledge and skills to work inclusively and provide services to people with disability: employer, manager, colleague, volunteer, teacher, community worker or service provider.

Fee structure:

Individual access: $35.00 plus GST for 12 months

Volume discounts are available upon application

Format delivery

Online eLearning module - duration: 60 minutes

Proudly distributed in partnership with Cerebral Palsy Alliance Training Alliance.

Contact information

For any enquiries, please contact the Learn and Develop Team, submit enquiry/feedback.

For technical support with the eLearning training platform, please contact, 07 3114 2958 or access the online helpdesk