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A diverse disability workforce is critical to the delivery of quality services success of the NDIS. This resource provides information and tools to providers to optimise workforces.

A skilled, sufficiently large and diverse disability workforce is critical to the delivery of high quality services and to the success of the NDIS.  This resource provides information about the project along with services, information and tools to providers to optimise their workforces.

In the NDS State of the Disability Sector Reports in 2017 and 2018, providers cited HR Strategy and Workforce Planning as one of their top three business capabilities most in need of improvement. 

The Victorian Government is funding a $26 mil program of strategies outlined in, Keeping our sector strong: Victoria’s Workforce Plan for the NDIS to build the Disability workforce in Victoria.   This plan identifies the need to support regions as one key strategy.  In line with this, the NDS is conducting a new Disability Workforce Innovation Project funded by DHHS.

Key Benefits of this Resource: 

  • Service providers and others can easily find information about the project.

  • Help, information and tools will be accessible including links to other useful resources

  • There will be a repository for project products and learning and somewhere to hold material for links from NDIS News and other communications

Who is this for? 

Service Provider CEOs, HR Managers, Managers, Project Officers. Since the project takes a place based, ecology approach to workforce innovation other audiences may include RTOs, local councils, Carer and Consumer Advocacy groups, Job Actives, Disability Employment Services.

Under this project regional workforce connectors are working to use their local knowledge and networks to help local organisations and stakeholders to:

  • Identify and capture local workforce issues and contributing factors
  • Identify and work on local solutions
  • Access funding grants with free grant application workshops and follow up coaching
  • Choose and access workforce tools and other resources
  • Increase relevant workforce data using the NDS Workforce Wizard
  • Find out about what other organisations are finding useful and not useful
  • Form and facilitate local collaborations to work on local workforce problems
  • Increase Victorian Government knowledge of local disability workforce issues

The Workforce Connectors role at NDS, work with, a broad range of local stakeholders including consumers, carers, providers, disability workers, Registered Training Providers/TAFEs, Disability Employment Agencies, local advocacy groups, unions and local councils.

Click through to view the resources below

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Workforce Connectors and Project Lead Contact information: 

If you, or your organisation, have workforce challenges you are keen to address please contact the Workforce Connector in your area: 

Andrew Gibbs Mallee | Loddon and Central Highlands | 0436 820 096

Georgia Henderson | Wimmera South West, Barwon, Colac and Horsham | 0436 820 097

Leanne Russ | Inner and Outer Gippsland | 0436 820 089

Kathy Barakis | Goulburn and Ovens Murray | 0436 820 087

Dianne Hardy Project Lead | 0436 820 088