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Sector Meeting

NDIS NEMA Implementation Group

NDS invites service providers who will be supporting NDIS participants in the North Eastern Melbourne Area (NEMA) to attend our third NEMA NDIS Implementation Group on Wednesday 26 October.
NDS Member Meeting

Tasmanian Members Forum - Devonport

These meetings are the perfect opportunity for service providers to network, collaborate and share lessons from the new operating environment as well as raise questions.
NDS Committee Meeting

NDS SA Housing and Support Sub-Committee meeting

National Disability Services, South Australia (NDS SA) invites members as well as non-members to the NDS SA Housing and Support Sub-Committee meeting to be held on 26 October 2016 from 9:00 am to 11:00...
Training Course (short)

Plain English Workshops

These workshops will help you to successfully communicate in Plain English to allow people to find information they need, understand what they find and use the information.
News update

BuyAbility roadshow

This week is the beginning of our BuyAbility roadshow – a chance to see NDS’s work on the future of supported employment.
Training Course (short)

Managing Bullying, Harassment and Staff Grievances

Attend this workshop to discover practical ways to identify and manage bullying, harassment and grievances. A must for anyone supervising or managing staff.
News update

Combining social purpose with astute business-thinking in the NDIS world

In the new, competitive world of the NDIS, NGOs need to combine their social mission with business acumen. These award-winning NDS members are great examples.
News update

Urgent Clarification – ECEI transitional approach offers made only to select providers

Yesterday's NDS news implied that all ADHC/FACS-funded ECEI providers in Year 1 transition districts will be invited to participate. This is not the case.
News update

Victorian NDIS Workforce Plan launched, welcomed by NDS

The Victorian Government has released its workforce plan for the NDIS. The plan aims to building the foundations for a bright future disability services sector.
News update

NDIS Transition Roadshow to take NDIS readiness around Victoria

NDS is helping you and your organisation understand what actions you can take today to become NDIS-ready with four travelling roadshow sessions.
News update

NDIA to hold sessions on Information, Linkages and Capacity Building (ILC)

The ILC grants round for the ACT will open in January 2017. To help organisations prepare, the NDIA will hold information sessions in Canberra in November.
News update

Program announced for NDS CEO Meeting 2016

The program for NDS's 2016 CEO Meeting has been released, featuring representation from the NDIA, a session on NDS's future directions and much more.
News update

NDS releases Annual Report 2016

The 2015-16 year was one of great change for NDS and the disability services sector. Read more in our Annual Report 2016.


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