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Strengthening provision of public secondary education in Inner Sydney for students with disability

30 June 2014

In Australia, about 1 in every 13 children and young people aged 5 - 24 have disability. In 2012, the proportion of Australians with disability aged 15 - 64 who had completed year 12 or equivalent was only 36%. Given this, there is clearly a way to go in creating inclusive high school education in NSW. This submission to the NSW Department of Education and Communities highlights the importance of all planning for future high schools incorporating the needs of young people with disability and creating opportunities for access to the full range of public school services and activities.


30 April 2014

Submission to the Review of the exercise of the functions of the WorkCover Authority (Inquiry)

1 January 2014

Workforce and the launch of the NDIS in the Hunter

1 December 2013

Standing together: Mental Health and Disability Services

1 November 2013

NDS Submission: ‘It Stops Here’: Proposed NSW Domestic and Family Violence Reforms

24 July 2013

In this submission, NDS reviews the framework that the NSW Government has proposed to reform its response to domestic and family violence. NDS identifies aspects of the plan which need to be addressed to enable the framework to be effective in responding to people with disability, their families and carers who are affected by domestic and family violence. Overall recommendations include acknowledgement of people with disability at all levels of service provision, awareness of the implications of DisabilityCare Australia for service provision and cross service sector communication, education and flexibility in responding to domestic and family violence.

NDS Submission: Local Government Act Review

27 June 2013

This submission looks specifically at the need to increase employment opportunities for people with disability, and the opportunity to support this through an amendment to the existing Local Government Act. NDS proposes an exemption clause to be applied to tendering, which will facilitate the procurement of services by councils from Australian Disability Enterprises (ADEs).

NDS Submission to NSW Budget 2013-14

17 June 2013

NDS has made a submission to the NSW Budget 2013-14.

NDS Submission: Response to Draft ADHC Service Charter

24 May 2013

In this submission, NDS provided feedback to assist in the development of the ADHC Service Charter, and assist with the improvement of quality services for people with disability.

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