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WA Annual Report 2012

18 September 2012

Overview of the activities and achievements of NDS WA for 2011/12.

WA Media Release: Disability Justice Centre’s – a significant social justice milestone

25 July 2012

NDS WA supports the State Government's plan to establish two Disability Justice Centres. These declared places will accommodate people with intellectual or cognitive disability who are unable to plead and have not been convicted of any crime.

NDS WA Media Release: NDS applauds payroll exemption but urges more training support

17 May 2012

NDS WA Media Release: Declared Places a significant social justice milestone

17 May 2012

WA Pre Budget Submission 2012-13

25 November 2011

WA Annual Report 2011

22 September 2011

WA Media Release: Disability service providers urged – plan carefully for funding increase

31 May 2011

WA Media Release: Funding commitment will strengthen services for West Australians with a disability

27 May 2011

WA Media Release: National Disability Sector welcomes social reform agenda

13 May 2010

WA Media Release: Govt to boost employment opportunities for Western Australians with a disability

3 December 2009

NDS WA welcomes the Premier’s announcement to boost the employment of Western Australian’s with a disability by changing the State Government’s purchasing policy.

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