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Aboriginal Workforce Development Opportunity

1 July 2011

The Expression of Interest (EOI) process for the Aboriginal Jobs Together Project opens today. The Aboriginal Jobs Together project is an Aboriginal Workforce Development initiative which aims to secure 110 supported Traineeship and Cadetship opportunities for Aboriginal people. We anticipate this would be with up to 30 NDS Member organisations. The goals of this project include:

  • Increasing Aboriginal employment in the non-Government sector.
  • Building the capacity of non-government organisations (NGOs) to employ Aboriginal people
  • Assist Aboriginal people to meet the skills requirements of non-government organisations

This will be achieved through the provision of a package of comprehensive support services for trainees/cadets and participating organisations.

Organisations that wish to boost their internal capacity to recruit Aboriginal staff and engage more effectively with Aboriginal clients and community should contact NDS and obtain copies of the: 

  • Expression of Interest Fact Sheet;
  • Expression of Interest Project Information Pack; and
  • Expression of Interest Questionnaire.

Completed Expression of Interest Questionnaires should be submitted to NDS according to the instructions provided in the Project Information Pack on or before 22 July 2011.

What We are Seeking

NDS is seeking Expressions of Interest from committed disability and community care organisations to accommodate one or more supported Traineeship/Cadetship placement(s) within their organisation. This initiative is about building the capacity of participating organisations to effectively recruit, support and retain Aboriginal staff. There is no requirement that an organisation already has a significant Aboriginal staff or client base. We are specifically encouraging organisations of all sizes and levels of experience in the area to apply.

How will NDS support the placement(s)?

In partnership with NDS, participating organisations will have the opportunity to negotiate a tailored package of individualised support services to maintain the Traineeship/Cadetship placement and build the capacity of their organisation. These supports will be provided and brokered by a dedicated NDS Regional Coordinator to ensure a personalised and targeted service mix. This package of support services will be tailored to suit the needs of each participating organisation and will be negotiated on an organisation-by-organisation basis.

Available support services may include:

  • Direct financial contribution.
  • Dedicated case management of the Trainee/Cadet including all of their pre-employment, training and vocational needs.
  • Advice and assistance in relation to the recruitment and ongoing retention of Aboriginal staff.
  • Business supports/wage subsidies provided by the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). These supports will need to be negotiated directly with DEEWR.
  • Cultural competency resources.
  • Training and development resources.
  • Organisational capacity building resources.
  • Mentoring support.
  • Advice and assistance regarding engagement with the Aboriginal clients and community.
  • Advice and assistance regarding fundraising, marketing and promotion.
  • Many more resources, services and options to cater for the individual needs of your business.

Benefits for your organisation

The agreed support package will put your business in a unique position in terms of your ability to attract, develop and retain Aboriginal employees. Being a part of this initiative will also uniquely position your organisation  in relation to responding to impending industry requirements regarding Aboriginal employment targets and ultimately lead to further opportunities in relation to building your capacity to provide appropriate, individually focused, respectful and caring services to your Aboriginal clients/customers.

Participation in this program represents a fantastic opportunity for your organisation to build your Aboriginal workforce, improve engagement with Aboriginal clients and community at the same time as you strengthen and develop your operations.

This project represents a completely flexible approach to the building the capacity of member organisations. Interested organisations are encouraged to make contact with NDS to discuss their particular needs or requirements regarding current and future recruitment. Given the flexibility available, we will endeavour to tailor a package that suits your individual business needs.


Contact Information:
Dylan Reynolds, Indigenous Programs Manager, NDS New South Wales, Ph 02 9256 3105,

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